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Did you go watch the long version video Listed in the back do you see that Thumbnail you can make 680 per week they Would train you you could set your own Hours and this is a no talking work from Home job lead remember my channel is all About no talk and work from home job Needs to go out every single day make Sure you go watch the long version video Where I go more in the details about This job so I am going to show you a Little bit of Snippets about the job Okay we are talking about the company Multi-plan they're currently seeking Medical claims intake coordinators to Work from home the pay is 17 per hour it Only requires a high school diploma or Equivalent here are some of your Responsibilities that you will be doing On the job every single day Here are some of the requirements for The job Make sure you join me on Tuesday April The 4th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M Central Standard time I will be going YouTube live work from home q a make Sure you subscribe to the channel the Channel is all about no talk and work From home job leads

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