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Hello good morning welcome back to my Channel and if it's your first time here Welcome my name is CeCe I post videos Daily helping you switch out of an In-office job to work remote start your Own side hustles make money on your own Terms so if that's what you're looking To do click that red subscribe button Below and let me help you for free this Is a customer support specialist 30 to 60 000 per year hiring in North America And Europe from Playbook and I'm going To skim so I keep the video brief but Anything I missed feel free to go back And read on your own time Playbook is at The Forefront of the Creator economy They build tools and Tech that power Digital businesses for creators and Fitness entrepreneurs so what you'll be Doing is responding to customer queries Timely and accurately way via email or Chat identify the customer needs help Analyze any reports and product Malfunctions update the internal Databases monitor customer complaints And share feature requests and effective Workarounds inform the customers about The new features follow up with Customers and gather feedback so it's Looking like no phone chat support which We love to see you should be proficient In written and spoken English have three Years experience as a customer support Specialist or a similar customer support

Role familiarity with the industry is a Plus understanding how CRM Works Experience using help desk software Excellent communication and problem Solving skills multitasking abilities And patience when handling tough cases So the benefits are it's fully remote a Competitive salary including stock Options and benefits unlimited PTO and a Membership to Playbook also you will get So the salary compensation like I said Is between 30 to 60 000 per year medical Dental vision PTO company Retreats and Async and a distributed team across the Globe so we'd love to see it if you want The link to apply for this role you can Find it in the description box below if This one wasn't free you on your screen Are two other great leads I've posted Check those out you might find a better Match for yourself there click my face To subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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