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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today you guys already know I'm Doing great always excited to bring you Guys another job opportunity this one Right here is coming from the company Capstone isg they're currently looking For a quality assurance analyst for Their property claims department this Job is fully remote let's go ahead and Jump right into the details so for this One right here you must be in the Central or Eastern time zone so you know Most of my subscribers are in the Central or Eastern Time Zone I do have Some West Coast subscribers Unfortunately you will not be able to Apply for this job right here okay but Let's go ahead and get into the details Capstone IG is one of the nation's Fastest growing independent adjustment Firms and they're looking for people who Offer inspiration with an internal drive For results and so with this job right Here you're going to get benefits of Course and your salary is going to be Between 60 and 72k a year you're going To also get a Fitness membership Reimbursement and of course you're going To get paid training so with this job You're going to review property work Product from the field operation based On Authority level and provide Appropriate feedback in accordance with

Good adjustment practices and client Instructions and consideration you will Be subject to individual Authority and You will make necessary revision Decisions and provide clear and concise Communication to the fields for work Product Improvement and finalization and On files above Authority you're going to Report internally to the director with Thoughts and recommendations for the File for review you're going to also Review and research coverage and other Handling issues to make sure things are Being addressed properly and you will Identify various Trends and issues that Arise in the field operation and work With management to address and improve You're going to conduct calls with field Staff as necessary to review work and Action plans moving forward on Particular files as necessary so this Job is going to require a bachelor's Degree so five plus years of a Additional property claims experience in Lieu of a bachelor's degree may be Considered three plus years of Homeowners property claims experience And the ability to review interpret and Apply insurance policies to various Situations experience preparing Estimates and exact amount as well as Work product interaction via exact Analysis and also experience handling Property claims in the field is

Preferred industry designations such as AIC Cpcu and PTC is highly preferred and of Course they want you to have the Familiar organizational skills problem Solving skills and excellent Communication skills okay so yeah if you Guys are interested in applying for this Job you already know the direct link to The job is in the description bar you Already know if you have any questions Or any comments you can leave those Below I'll respond to all comments if I See them and of course you guys know I Appreciate you so much for watching I'll See you on my next video and good luck To everyone who applies for the job

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