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Good morning it’s Suzanne happy Wednesday today I have a customer chat Specialist job that is fully work from Home it is with the company Elite Closers LLC and they’re paying up to Twenty dollars per hour and so that’s About eight hundred dollars per week if You’re working full time under the full Job description Elite closers is Dedicated to our clients they are a Top-notch in customer service and Business management they help their Clients create processes systems and Business management and they specialize In agencies online services and Consulting businesses now what you’re Going to do in this role is you’re going To be a customer chat specialist which Means that you’re going to provide Exceptional first impression on behalf Of the company by quickly answering Online chat requests from customers You’ll provide extensive knowledge about Specific products and services and Identify consumers wants and needs all Communication with consumers takes place Via our web-based live chat console so They’re going to fully train you in this Position you don’t need to worry they’re Always going to train you each chat Specialist is responsible for having Dynamic conversations that drive the Consumer to want to do business with Them conversations are not scripted and

They Pride themselves in creating Relationships and hearing the needs of The customers you will need to think Quickly and provide a personalized Experience for each consumer based on Their wants and needs therefore the Ability to multitask improvise and type Quickly is a must Specialists are also Responsible for working in teams to meet Individual and Company benchmarks so There may be some going online through Teams for meetings things like that Responding to prospects and chat Software social media accounts and email If needed scheduling a consultation Between the prospective client and the Sales reps through those venues keeping A detailed log of your contacts Following up with prospective con Clients who have shown interest in the Past so here’s what they want you to Have be able to type 45 words per minute Experienced it navigating website Pages Social media experience effective Communication multitask detail-oriented Critical thinking adaptable career Oriented experience as a sales or Customer service associate is a plus so If you have customer service or sales Experience make sure you’re putting that On your resume so they see that and then A little bit about you they want you to Live and breathe sales and customer Service love how it feels to help

Someone be quick on your feet believe in What you’re selling be comfortable Working remotely this is a remote Position time is your most valued asset And you appreciate the flexibility and Work-life balance so they’re going to Offer you some flexibility in your Schedule it sounds like and you thrive In a fast-paced environment again that Wage is fifteen to twenty dollars per Hour all right I’m going to go ahead and Put the link Down Below in the Description if you want to check out This job further otherwise I will be Back in a little bit with your second Work from home job lead

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