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Foreign [Music] Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and back with Some more jobs for you guys and these Jobs are going to be coming from the Company Tdbgov okay just to let you know they do Have quite a few remote jobs and I am Going to be going over two of their jobs With you one is high paying and one is Average pay so we're gonna go ahead and Get into it but you can definitely check Out their career section to see if there Are any other jobs that interest you so Let's go ahead and talk about one of the First jobs and that is going to be the Quality assurance and training manager I Did not see anything in the description That states that you need to be in DC to Work this job this is a full-time job With some great pay you're gonna make 75k annually you're going to get Benefits including PTO medical and Dental and you're going to be working Monday through Friday from 8 A.M to 5 P.m and as the remote quality assurance And training manager you're going to be Responsible for the development Oversight and adherence of quality Assurance measures and training programs They will provide you with the tools and Resources to provide their clients with The highest level of service support and

Professionalism but in terms of the Education and qualifications they'd like For you to have a bachelor's degree from An accredited college or university five Plus years of quality and training Experience reporting and analytics Experience coaching and development Experience be organized be technical Also have interpersonal and presentation Skills also the ability to recognize and Adapt to different learning styles Attention to detail excellent Communication coaching training and Development customer obsessed and also Be highly self-motivated be a problem Solver and have the ability to work Towards set kpis and targets okay now I Want to talk about the administrative Assistant job this is also full time and They're looking for two administrative Assistants the pay for this one is Between 40K and 44k yearly again you Will get benefits and you're going to be Documenting and tracking processes Required to assist staff with obtaining The suitability clearance with the Client going to create work instructions On how to accurately complete Documentation you're going to send Documentation to all individuals working On projects and you're going to track Receipt of documents follow up with Staff to ensure expeditious completion Of documents you'll review completed

Documents for accuracy and follow-up to Reconcile discrepancies and inaccuracies You will assist with coordinating Fingerprinting and badge pickup with Individuals working on projects and you Will provide reports pertaining to the Status of all individuals and where they Are in the process you will interface With client and internal leadership you Will need to have a high school diploma Or GED three plus years of Administrative assistant experience Knowledge of Microsoft Office Applications and Adobe and you must have Attention to detail and be professional In both written and verbal communication Okay so let's check out their Application their application doesn't Look to be too long and again they're Not mentioning anything about you having To be in Washington DC you will have to Provide proof of internet speed test so Of course if you guys are interested in Applying for either of these positions You can find the links in the Description bar you know that I wish you The best of luck make sure to leave any Questions or comments below and as usual I thank you guys so much for watching And I'll see you in my next video

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