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Well welcome back my friends this is Lindsay and I am back with another daily Work from home job lead for you this one Comes from a highly rated company on Glassdoor the company is webflow and They have a 4.2 out of 5 star rating for Their reviews on Glassdoor this is also Going to be non-phone-based and they say That even if you only qualify for 50 of The listed qualifications that still Apply because studies show that you Could get a job offer if you just meet Half of the requirements but webflow is Looking for a customer support associate For their accounts and billing Department now this is remote for my United States folks only of course the Links to both the Glassdoor page and This application page if you want to Apply for this position are always in The YouTube description box below this Video webflow is headquartered out of a San Francisco but they are hiring it Throughout the US for remote this is a Full-time 40 hour per job week and they Say their compensation amount is Estimated from 64 000 to 75 000 for most Locations however there are some Locations in the United States where Higher cost of living is like California Where they pay anywhere from 71 000 all The way up to eighty three thousand Dollars a year so the lowest they will Pay is sixty four thousand dollars a

Year but they are looking for somebody To provide consistent high quality Customer experiences for all of their Webflow customers you'll help the Customers in these support cues this is Going to be email live chat tickets that Type of thing using applications like Zendesk you'll file bugs and Troubleshoot issues and collaborate with Other team members to make sure the Customer gets an excellent customer Service experience and you'll advocate For the customer and work closely with Your team and manager now as far as what They're looking for they're looking for Someone who has experience providing Customer support over email or live chat In a software as a solution or technical Kind of service area someone who can Process an understanding of the webflow Products or have experience with some Kind of a web design tools or platforms They're looking for somebody who Understands web like HTML CSS DNS or Some kind of advanced understanding of Webflow somebody who can demonstrate Critical thinking skills and Troubleshoot technical issues of course You have to have great communication Skills and the ability to learn new Tools quickly now right here is where I Was stating they do say if you don't Meet a hundred percent of those Qualifications you should still

Seriously consider applying they say Studies have shown that even if you only Meet half of the roles requirements you You will still be considered for a job Alright as always if this job lead was Not for you please feel free to leave in The comments anything specific that You're looking for if you found this job Lead or any job leads that I share Helpful please give this video a thumbs Up like button that does give me direct Feedback that I am at least being Helpful to someone out there thank you So so much for watching and supporting Me and I'll be back really really soon With more work from home job leads just For you

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