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Happy Thursday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job this Company they will train you you can make A thousand one hundred twenty per week And it is with the company clerk Associates as you can see on the screen They're hiring for a Content expert Reviews to work remotely this is a Full-time position even though it says Remote and Pa that I reach out to hire Manager you can still apply for the Position even if you don't live in that State Again this is a full-time position and According to Glassdoor the pay is 28 Dollars per hour it could be more Depending on your experience and they Give you information here the employee Also enjoy regular food service Induction training from Top manufacturer And product experts training will take Place through video meetings they do Have State Higher restriction is listed So when you go down a little bit further Here they tell you that you have to be Living in these states in order to be Eligible to apply for the job now there Are people that don't live in this state And they reached out to me say that they Still apply for the job and they were Able to get it so if you don't live in The States you know go out there and try To apply for the job and if you live in The States you know definitely apply for

The job here they do offer benefits it's Included as you can see medical Vision Dental life insurance as well as they Offer bonus opportunities the this role Focuses on editing engaging writing And visual content for their website Teaching writers about their Style Guidelines and Industrial Trends and Then also basically what they do on this Job here as well is a corresponds with Writers in the department to help them Understand in their Styles guidelines And standards now to give you Information about clerk Associates it is A company that market and distribute Food service equipment and supplies now We're going to dive in a little bit Deeper about what you're going to be Doing on the job here is you're going to Maintain quality control by revering Small and large-scale content updates Marketing materials and other site tax And employee work you're going to help Advise on best practice for user Experience on Art their site You're going to participate in team Meetings and product training and then Also you're going to attend conference Related to the food world and develop a Knowledge of the Food Service Um to share Trends and standards with The department now the qualities that They're looking for is attention to Details passion for accuracy great

Organization skills past experience with Editing strong written and verbal Communication as I'm going over this These are the key words that you would Implement these under your skills Session section of your resume Organization skills Editing skills verbal communication Skills you would put those information In your skills section and then because That is how your resume pass the Applicator tracking system is taking Those keywords the keywords from the job Post to the job record Implement those In your titles I mean your your skill Section and that is one reason Um or that is one way of your resume Passing the Africa tracking system as Well and they're looking for someone That have research skills uh willing to Course them for clarity to ensure the Best Solutions are provided for their Customers view projects with a critical Eye and seek out errors to improve again This is a great opportunity for someone So if you're interested in this make for Sure that you go ahead and apply today Don't delay Um all you have to do is Click right Here where it says apply now Now remember don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it again it starts with your Mind you have to have a will in mind a

Willing Spirit a will and heart in order To get these jobs you have to speak life Over yourself so many times people look At this job and say look I'm not Qualified for this job they're not going To hire me and when you talk like that You know it's going to happen you're not Going to get a job because you it says The power of the tongue determines life And death if you say that Hey I'm Um I'm sick eventually you're gonna get Sick and you're not sick you got to get Out there and have confidence that's one Skills that I'm not gonna I'm not able To give that to you you got to pray and Ask God to give you wisdom and give you That confidence and he will give it to You we've all been that way I have in The past when I was looking for work From home jobs or jobs in general They're not going to hire me Um it says mid-level experience and a Lot of people have gotten job offers Including me like I tell you my story is That the job that I'm currently on and Been on for 11 years it requires that You have a bachelor's or master's degree And I don't have a bachelor's or Master's degree I only have a socialist Degree I have a high school diploma and I have certifications that's it but when You walk in the favor of God You know he things that you thought that You would never have you would get you

Know he would allow people to overlook Certain things like degrees and put you In that position at that time in order For you to shine so you got to just Trust the process you know even though You're looking at this and say look I Don't have the experience I've never Written before or what it doesn't hurt To get out of here and try and have Multiple positions where you're applying For and plant that seed because you Never know when this job is going to Come at the right time What you need it the most in order to Provide for yourself or provide for Yourself and your family so get out There and apply for these jobs don't Disqualify yourself you got to believe In yourself because if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will so go out There today and grab what is yours by Applying for these jobs there is a job Out there with your name on it but you Gotta believe okay you have to believe You have to have the faith keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it so go Out there today and apply today for These jobs okay now you know that I Always talk about ways of bettering Yourself and you know help you found a Higher parent job and that is through Course careers I have partnered with Course careers and there are looking for

Different companies are looking for text Sales and information technology cyber Security these type of jobs are high in Demand but they do not have enough People that are trained to do the job so Different companies have restart the Course careers and want to hire course Career students with an entry level Position no experience or degree require Dropping that experience degree because They went through course careers and I Just want to clarify let people know What text cells text sales is you're Based it on the farm you're reaching out To potential buyers that are looking to Buy a particular product for your Company Where there are more than 300 000 Opening jobs and the average salary is Between 60 to 80k a year information Technology is more of a chat job where You're responding to emails dealing with Cues and tickets and there are more than 200 000 open jobs and you can make Anywhere between 40 to 60k a year okay This course is very affordable you do Not have to take Agony loans versus if You go to a community college a trade School uh a graduate school people are Taking out loans and I know a person That been out of school for like 12 Years and they're still paying on that Loan if you're at course careers you do Not have to take out a loan it is very

Affordable actually you can complete the Course within a week if you look at Their testimonies there's people that Have completed the course within a week No longer than three months and you come Out Um making anywhere between 60k to 100K a Year what I suggest you to do like I Always say is to look at the testimony There are a lot of people that are Testified about course careers so you Can see as you can see on the screen It's this girl she's 19 years old and She worked at Starbucks and like I said I don't kick anybody for working at Starbucks I mean you have to have some Kind of income coming in but I just Don't think that it's meant to stay Somewhere forever especially if you're Not getting the pay that you deserve or You're not moving up it's time to go So she ran across course careers she Registered with course careers went Through the course and at this time of Me recording this video she is the Youngest person Um making 60k a year working from home And that can happen to you okay now how It works is that you have to sign up for The free intro course and once you sign Up for the free intro course Um Josh gonna get on the air and talk About you know I.T you know what is I.T What Intel's our text cells what it

Entails and it goes over different Modules so you can understand and once You go through those modules in Um the free basic training If you feel like it's a good fit for you Then you need to stop procrastinate and Take action and go ahead and sign up for This online course it's self-pays Um some people like I said completely in A few weeks to a couple months it just Depends on how much you commit and you Will learn everything required to land Your first position now the great thing About course careers is that you getting Paid to learn a job so you're getting The experience making anywhere between 15 and 20 an hour and you work at the Company for three months and after three Months is over you can decide hey I want To stay at this company and get on Permanently work full-time or you can Get it on at another company that course Careers have partnered with Versus people that go to Community College trade school University they Come out with a degree and when they go Out and try to apply for these jobs They'll get rejected they're not getting The job because they only have a degree But they don't have the experience so What do they do they go back to school Change their major And get another major and they get that Degree and they still have the same

Issues a lot of companies want you to Have that experience and with course Careers they're allowing you to get that Experience so you can get that job here So after you finish the course you They're going to teach you everything You need to know to apply the skills you Learn in the course they will teach you Exactly how to land an entry level Position an internship by giving you Insider knowledge of how to apply for Companies that look for resumes Application how to prepare for Interviews it's so much more and again They have partnered directly with Companies that want to hire their Students and to entry-level positions And internships dropping their degree in Experience require only for course Careers graduates okay now when you Scroll down here I'm going to click on view course for Technology you can also view course for Information technology but I'm gonna Click right here then when you scroll Down a little bit further here this is The price it's only 499 that is the Single payment if you use my coupon code Theresa it all in caps in 50 you will Receive 50 off of the 499 dollars or you Can do a four payment plan of 150 where You pay that every two weeks so they try To make it very convenient for you and Affordable for people to get out there

And start making a passive income to Provide for their self or provide for Their self and their family they do have A 14-day money-back guarantee so Um you can if you want to get your money Back you can no courses as all you have To do is simply contact them and they Will refund you but in on an average as A tax sales you'll make over a thousand Two hundred fifty a week as a sales Development representative that is also Known as a text cell so basically the Course paid for itself during just the First three days on the job now when you Scroll down a little bit further it Talks about Um here are the the testimonies here of People that started these courses I Suggest you to go through there and you Can view more students that have went Through the course and this is the story Of the girl that I was talking about That worked at Starbucks so you can go And watch it in full details but these Are people that actually went to the Course and course careers have changed Their life tremendously and it can do The same thing to you these people Didn't procrastinate they went and they Took action and that's the same thing That you need to do is stop Procrastinating take action these are Some of the top companies that are Hiring are looking to hire text sales

And information technology and this is Just the day in the life of a tech sales It tells you what you need to do when You scroll down a little bit further This is the course this is what it'll be Going over and this is your teacher Josh Um he explains to you all about him and Everything so again make make for sure You stop procrastinate take action today I'm trying to help you make more money a Lot of people need it because the cost Of living is going up but people's pay Rate is staying the same so take Advantage of these courses if you ever Want to get into it or text sales this Is your opportunity to do sign up today Information is in the YouTube Description bar you will not regret it Okay it's people I know my next door Neighbor Um have a child that's 18 years old he Didn't know what he wanted to do after He graduate from high school and they Couldn't afford College he went through This and he is making 60k a year as a um I.T person and he's like thank you so Much his family's thanking me for that So this can happen to you you know get Your high school students your junior Senior out there and tell them about Course careers if they're uncertain About what they want to do with their Life so let them sit down and listen to This okay so again sign up today the

Information is in the YouTube Description bar and remember my channel Is all about none phone work at home job Leads they go out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard time so if you're Looking for a work from home job where You're not talking to customers on the Phone consider subscribing to the Channel by clicking that red button that Says subscribe and don't forget to click On the Bell to turn on all your Notifications so every time when I Upload new videos you'll be notified and That will give you plenty of opportunity To go ahead and apply for these jobs Before they're no longer available People are getting hired every single Day and I would love for you to be the Next one to get hired remember if you Would like to support the channel or Become a member of the YouTube channel All you have to do is click that join Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel shout out to everyone That's already a member of the channel I Really appreciate the support and love From everyone that you have given to me In my channel also check out the Community tab that is where I engage With you when I upload new videos I Posted in there when I do post when I do Quotes I post in there so take advantage Of that and remember don't disqualify

Yourself before you apply for these jobs Let the company do it keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there with your name on it so go out There today right now and grab what is Yours by applying for these jobs thank You so much for watching and I will see You in the next video

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