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Foreign [Music] Hi there this is Melissa from melissia At home and welcome back to another Video another episode sharing work from Home opportunities that you can do no Matter where you are in the US if you Are international looking for International jobs then definitely check Out this company that I will be Presenting to you in this video they do Have job availabilities for countries Outside of the US not the companies Called Telus International a Telecommunications company a variety of Communications products and services the Company provides voice data Internet and Wireless services to businesses as well As consumers in Canada so they also Provide remote-based opportunities in These areas so tell us have multiple Positions available and to find those Jobs you just simply go to jobs forward slash Careers now out you're looking at their Job search page at this time to find Opportunities you can use their search Bar and if you are international you can Narrow down your search to whatever Country that you live in so they do have Some countries listed here you can Select whichever country you currently Reside in now as I usually States in my Videos when I talk about finding and

Searching for remote-based jobs you can Enter the keyword remote and just simply Hit search and that will usually pull up Remote-based jobs that are available Remotely So I entered remote-based jobs And these are the positions that Displayed on their website that are Currently available as you can see these Are available in different countries in Different languages right so these are All remote-based positions that they Have available and they're in different Languages you can always select your Language if you are American English Spanish French etc etc to find jobs with Within your specific language narrowing Down your search to fit your country Your language or a particular position Now you don't have to enter remotes in The search bar you can enter customer Service data entry freelance etc etc to Narrow down your search even more so Telus International offers career Choices in 23 different countries around The world so you can search for Opportunities available in your country Or based in your field of expertise You're just one click away from the Career where you can explore your unique Passion so they always have available Positions now in this video I want to Highlight two positions that they Currently have available and those Positions are only available in the US

So because I do have a large amount of Us viewers and subscribers this is why I Tend to share jobs that are mostly for Us residents but does not mean that International jobs are not even Available again you can use the site no Matter what country or country you are In to search for opportunities to just Go ahead and do that all right so let's Jump into the jobs that I want to share With you from this company for the us That are hiring everywhere in the U.S The first opportunity that they have Available is called personalized ads Evaluator and this is for English Speakers again you can work from your Home office in the US now for this Particular position they help companies Test and improve machine learning models Via their Global AI community of 1 Million annotators and Linguistics so Who is suitable for this work they're Looking for dynamic people who have Strong communication skills and you are Someone who used the internet daily you Should also be flexible reliable have The ability to interpret and follow Establish guidelines Payments will be based on completion of Agreed upon tasks or engagements within Specified time period so for this job You will have the flexibility and Freedom to work from home working your Own hours so you can select the hours

That you choose to work so it offers you That flexibility which is perfect it is Also not phone based job so it's ideal For those who do not want to be on the Phone for whatever reasons okay whether You don't like to speak to people or if You're a mom who has children in a home This is perfect for you for those Looking to earn extra money on the side Okay so what are the main requirements For this job you must currently reside In the US you must have familiarity with Currents and historical Business Media Sport news social media and cultural Affairs in the US full professional Proficiency in English experiencing use Of web browsers to navigate and interact With a variety of contents also the Bonus about this opportunity is that you Can use an Android or iOS smartphone to Complete your tasks so if you do not Have a computer or you just on the go And you have your cell phone you can do The job using your mobile device so it Does give you options So it does give you options and you Don't have a computer majority of us Have a cell phone a smartphone you also Will be required to use a barcode Scanner application which will be Installed on your smartphone to complete Certain tasks Daily user of Gmail and other forms of Social media so those are the

Requirements for this job notice you do Not need to have experience so that's a Plus also no interviewing for these Types of jobs these are similar to Freelance work okay so they do not Follow the standard interviewing process Working with this project will require You to go through a standard recruitment Process including passing an open book Tests so that's basically their process You will be taking assessments and you Get to cheat it's an open book test this Is a long term project and you will work And your work will be subject to Quality Assurance checks that means that each Task you perform will undergo a quality Assurance check to make sure that it was Done properly okay so make sure you Follow instructions and that you are Paying close attention to details and That you're not rushing when you're Doing these tasks now the benefits for Working for this company you earn extra Income access to their Community Well-being initiative remote work and Location Independence flexible hours to Work around home life better work life Balance etc etc be sure to add the two Emails that they have listed here so That you have safe so whenever you get Emails from anything regarding Telus you Know where it's coming from so it'll be all right so just Keep those two emails in your senders

List safe senders list so this is the First opportunity I want to share with You now in regards to how much they pay For this particular job on average you'd Have to do a quick Google search so for Their evaluation job with Telus the Average pay is twenty five dollars per Hour the estimated base pay is twenty Four dollars per hour according to Glassdoor so that is the average between 24 to 25 dollars per hour for this Particular position all right and it Gets to use your cell phone to work you Can work whenever you want to work it's Very flexible you don't have to do any Interviewing so it's a great opportunity The next position I want to share with You with the same company is their data Contributor position this is considered A freelance opportunity and as it states The last day to apply is May 2nd 2023 so It's March so you have a lot of time to Apply for this position okay so in terms Of their data contributor position They're offering a sign-on bonus of 20 US Dollars payable upon completion of Your first task with them on top of the Actual task pay now exactly how much This position pays well the minimum rate For an hourly task performed remotely is Starting from 75 to 130 dollars US Dollars per hour but might be higher Depending on the nature of the data Needed to be collected each project will

Specify the rate for that particular Task for projects that will require you To travel to their office due to Collection on site the rates will be Built in such a way to include parts That will cover your commuting time as Well as your expenses so if you're Needed to travel they will cover your Expenses I'm sure you don't have to Travel very far and maybe within your Local area They're offering a sign-on bonus again Of twenty dollars US dollars so to be Eligible for this particular job you Would have to be 18 years of age access To and use of broadband internet Connection and Associated computer and Software performed to perform the work The hours are flexible you choose your Own schedule now for this particular Position it does require that you have That you are that you have covet Vaccination and they may ask you to Provide a digital digital copy proof of This vaccination now before you jump on That the reason why is because again They may require you to travel to their Office so you may be face to face with Another human being if you are traveling To their office on site right so they do Require you to be vaccinated hours are Flexible you choose your own schedule And you get to earn extra income Etc et Cetera same as the last position so as

They State this pays 75 to 130 dollars Per hour or higher and that is confirmed On Google 75 to 130 per hour for this Person particular job with Telus International all right so those are the Two opportunities I want to share with You in this video coming from Telus if You're interested you can get started With this company click on where it says Apply now so that is basically it for This video thank you so much for Watching make sure you check out all the Links in the description section to our Beginner or if you're struggling to land Remote-based jobs there are resources And tools and services that I provide to Help you so utilize those items in the Description section below this video and I'll see you next time happy work from Home bye

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