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Happy Saturday everyone I am back with Another no talking work from home job Lee that I would like to share with you It is with the company care Centrics They're currently hiring claims Processor to work from home you can make Anywhere between 17 and 22 an hour so We're going to go ahead and dive right Into it I am going to share my screen Because this is a great opportunity for You to go ahead and apply for this Position before it is no longer Available again the company is Carecentrics they're currently seeking Claim processor 2 to work remotely as You can see on the screen the pay is Between 17 and 22 000 hour and when you Go down a little bit further it only Requires a high school diploma or Equivalent we're going to go more into Details about what you're going to be Doing on this job every single day and She's going to review and investigate Claims and make claims payment Determinations you're going to also Successfully process claims into CCX System and matches claims data with the Proper author as necessary and then You're going to determine correct claims Payment or denials through the use of Job as dlps and basic claim training We're going to go more into details You're going to review of electronic Claims to resolve computer generated

Edits you're going to identify and refer Questions to a team lead our senior Associates as appropriate you're going To exercise good judgment interpret Medical claim data and contracts and Remain knowledgeable and related company Policy and procedures and you're going To expect to achieve reduction in Quality targets as set by the department And again you're going to do mandatory HIPAA privacy program business ethics And compliance attendance and any Additional corporate or departmental Policy they want you to have a minimum Of one year of CCX claims experience Experience with claim processing medical Terminology medical service equipment Experience is helpful that means if you Have it that's great if you don't don't Worry about it knowledge of Basics Spreadsheets word processing data entry And basic math skills helpfully Excellent communication verbal written Organization and interpersonal skills as Well as the ability to manage multitask Be detailed or be responsive and Demonstrate independent thought and Critical thinking now this company do Offer full range of benefits including Dental and vision with HSA and they do Have advanced opportunities professional Skills training and tuition Reimbursement that is a great thing About this company they will train you

And always keep you up to date so you Can continue to do a awesome job now if This sounds like something that you're Interested in make sure you go ahead and Hit this apply for this job online okay Now you know that I'm always talking About places where you can go for free To learn how to type because that is one Skills that hiring managers is not going To train you if you don't understand Claims processing I suggest you to go in Google and Google use Google as your Friend whatever you don't know Google Things there's people that have videos That will show you how to do that until You get on the job and actually you know Get through the past the Africa tracking System and hire manager call you in for Interview and you make it through the Interview they're going to train you the Way that they want you to be trained on The job so take advantage of Google Now I'm going to share my screen on a place Where you can go for free and learn how To type you should be practicing every Single day on your typing because this Is one skills that they're not going to Train you on and that is what Officialtypetest.com The great thing about Officialtypertests.com not only can you Practice your typing test but you can do Your 10 key tests and they're going to Give you typing tips so if I hit start I

Have a choice to do full 10 key tests Which is numbers and symbols or I could Do numbers only zip code test and here Is my typing test so take advantage of This again this is free 99 to you no Charge to you so go ahead and take Advantage of this video or this official Typing test today if this video has been Helpful thus far I want you to give this Video a like and I want you to subscribe To the channel by clicking that red Button and don't forget to click on the Bell to turn on all your notifications So every time I upload new videos you'll Be notified and that will give you Plenty of opportunity just go ahead and Apply for these jobs before they go Really fast if you happen to stumble on A job and it says oops this job is no Longer available that means that they Have taken enough applications at that Time so all you need to do don't get in Panic mode is to explore within the Company and see if there's any other Remote jobs that may be a good fit for You okay so I want you to just keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you you got to Believe because if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will it starts with The mind you have to feed your mind Every single day with positive thoughts And when I wake up every morning

Um the first thing I do is I pray and I Read scriptures and I listen to Les Brown I listen to Um quotes and people that's you know Motivation speakers that are speaking Life over me instead of death and that Helps me make it through the day and Some throughout the day and sometimes Throughout the day I'm constantly Reading the scriptures praying because The devil is busy he comes to kill and Destroy but God comes that you may have Life it may have it bundling so Sometimes negative thoughts come into Your mind what you gotta do is just say Hey I got this I'm going to keep pushing I'm going to keep applying I'm not gonna Give up you know you're too close to the Finish Line just to turn throw in a Towel you know life is full of Problems this situation sometimes we Just never understand why bad things Happen to good people but there is a Reason why things happen but you got to Trust the process you know you didn't Come this far to be Um let go or turn around I'm just keep The faith and keep applying and don't Give up and don't disencourage yourself I tell you all the time is to surround Yourself around positive people that Have your best interests because people That don't have your best interest You're not going to go far in life so

Surround yourself around people that's Going to uplift you again I am trying to Build a community where we can uplift And encourage one another on our job Search in everyday life because we need It you know we need more encouragement Words in this world because it's so much Negativity that's going on where Everybody's so negative they think Because they can't do it that you can't Do it and you're two different people You know you could be a go-getter and Thank you Else will so you need to go out there Today and apply for these jobs have Faith in yourself you can do this don't Give up okay there is a job out there Being made for you so go out there today And apply for these jobs okay you got This okay now I am you know that I Always talk about having multiple Strains of income I believe in not seven But I believe in eight multiple strains Of income and I talk about course Careers because it is a lot of people I Know that went through course careers And they are doing really good for Themselves they have a job And I am trying to get that for you too Okay so we're gonna go and talk about Course careers here as you can see on my Screen course careers you don't have to Have an experience a degree Um to to start course careers course

Careers have partnered with Fortune 500 Companies that are willing to train you Into an entry-level position either as a Tech sales digital marketing or Information technology text sales is More of a phone job where you're Reaching out to a potential buyers that Are interested in buying a product safe Example if you're working for Google Um you're reaching out to people that Want to buy that product and there are More than 300 000 opening jobs average Starting salary is between 60 and 80k a Year digital marketing is more of a Non-farm work from home job there's more Than 200 000 opening jobs average Starting salary it's between 40 and 60k A year this is dealing with paid Campaign Facebook ads if you have if You're dealing with websites bloggers This is great if Information Technology Also known as it is more of a chat job Where you're dealing with tickets and Cues there are more than 200 000 opening Jobs average starting salary is between 40 and 60k a year okay so the first Thing that I suggest you to do is go Look at the testimony seeing what Everybody else have to say about course Careers people are speaking good about Course careers and how I work as you Start their free intro course in the Intro course it is going to tell you Everything you need to know about

Information Technology digital marketing As well as text sales at that time you Know if it's a good fit so stop Progressing they take action faith Without works is dead enroll in the Course once you're enroll in the course It is self-paced some people completed Within a week some people completed in Three months it just depends on how much You spend on it and in the course you're Going to learn everything you're going To be ready to get out there and do the Job versus when you go to a university a College a community college or trade School you're coming out with a degree And you're not coming out with the Experience so people go out and they Apply for a job and they get rejected Because why they have the degree but They don't have the experience but with Course careers you're not going to get Rejected because they have partnered With companies that want to hire you Into an entry-level position dropping Experience in degree Then what you'll do is you'll start Applying the skills what you learn in The course they will teach you exactly How to land an entry level position Through Insider knowledge of how to Apply to companies and they look for in The resumes and application again Because they partner directly with Companies that want to hire you into an

Entry-level position dropping a degree And experience requirement for their Graduates so I'm going to go into one of These jobs I'm going to go into Information Technology where I'm gonna Hit learn now basically what it tells You is the best companies that are Hiring for it right now as you can see Scrolling SurveyMonkey Zoom article and Then when you go down a little bit Further it talks about a day in the life Of a Information Technology you're going To respond to emails a sign and accept Any new tickets in the queue you're Going to work on on any tickets or Projects you may have and you're going To continue to work on tickets and Incoming requests so this is more of a No talking work from home job lead you Know you're just dealing with tickets And cues so when you go down a little Bit further it talks about the Qualification what you have to have what Your background the course whether it Goes over career mindset I.T Fundamentals IIT day-to-day techno Deep Dive I.T job hunt and then here are some More testimonies for graduation the Graduated students so I suggest you go And watch those videos and here is what You've been waiting for is the price the Price is 499 dollars that is a one-time Payment how many times you're gonna go To college and just pay 499 dollars

Totally total for everything you're not Going to found that you'll be taking out Loans it's people I know they've been Out of school for 10 11 years and they Still paying on the loan here all you Have to do is pay 499 dollars one-time Payment fee if you use my coupon code Which is the rest of 50 you'll receive 50 off of that there's no contract or Hitting fees along with a 14 day money Back guarantee or you can choose there Are four payment plan of 150 every two Weeks again there's no contract record Heating feeds along with a 14-day Money-back guarantee so if you ever Wanted to always go back to school and You just didn't know what you want to do This is your opportunity to go ahead and Sign up for course careers so you can go Ahead and change your life and your Family life okay you cannot complain About the situation if you're not a risk Taker you got to be a risk taker you got To intervest in your us a something That's going to help you move up the Ladder people that are moving up the Ladder they have invest in the right Thing and course careers is the right Thing again it have changed so many People's life look at the testimony so Make sure you sign up once you sign up Today you can go ahead and start Um your class today okay Now I want you to know is to keep

Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there being made for You but it starts with you maybe for Sure you believe in yourself and don't Give up you got this there is a job out There being made for you so go out there Today and grab what is yours by applying For these jobs and remember to check out The videos that's listed at the top or The bottom there are more no talking Work from home job leads to help you get Closer to lending your first second Third job even a side hustle I suggest You to go and check out my work from Home q a live resume where I went live On April the 4th 2023 at seven o'clock P.M where I went more into details about How to optimize and tailor your resumes To the job post I think it will really Help you so go check out that video all You have to do is go to my live Tab and You will find that video you know thank You so much for watching make sure you Share it with everyone you know that is Looking for a no talk and work from home Job lead they go out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video bye

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