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[Music] Hey welcome to all of my new subscribers As well as my long time subscribers my Name is Shea from dreamhomebasework.com For those that are completely new today I would like to share some online side Hustles or gigs for teens that are 16 or Older one of my subscribers wrote in Last week Rochelle can you do a video on Jobs that teens can get remotely that Are 16 and up like my son is 16 and just Finished two machine learning Certifications first I would like to say Thank you Rochelle for submitting your Question you know there are some side Gigs some jobs that teens can do from Home most of these jobs do not even Require prior experience so I wanted to Share some of the best options that I Was able to find online for teens so Just keep watching to learn more hey Welcome my name is Shea from Dreamhomebasework.com make sure you hit That subscribe button and also that Notification Bell so you don't miss out On any new content posted on this Channel the first opportunity are phone Jobs that you can be able to do from Home as a teen U-Haul hires teens 16 Years of age or older for positions like Customer service sales reservations they Have seasonal positions moonlighter Positions where you are working only in The evenings to qualify for an

Opportunity with U-Haul you will need to Have a mature attitude as well as great Communication skills you will also need A laptop or a computer high-speed Internet and a headset and quiet Workspace in order to work for this Company Your hours will fluctuate depending on The call volume now this is a full-time Position but they do have part-time Positions so I do urge you to keep an Eye on their careers page so you can Find you know something that will work Around your schedule The next online side gigs for teens are Smartphone apps now the first app is Called one up this app is a free app for Teens to make money playing games like Fortnite Call of Duty you know NBA 2K The list goes on if you are really good At playing games and competing you can Be able to sign up for this free app and Get paid now you can expect to make Around 20 22 dollars per game that you Play on here which is really great it's A great way to just earn you know some Side money doing what you love so Definitely this app is available for IPhone and Android users you can go on Your App Store and download this app Completely free and start earning today The next smartphone app is Nelson now This particular app will pay you to you Know do product reviews as well as take

Surveys online now this is just an extra Way to earn cash you can earn PayPal Cash Amazon cash it is really simple to Get started they will ask you some Questions about your household and Yourself to help match you with the best Opportunities so so definitely download This app and get started today the next Opportunity for teens is to offer free Less jobs you can offer your own Services to people you know if you have A talent in writing proofreading editing Music logo design t-shirt design doing Voice over work music singing Translating I mean the list goes on for All of the services that you can offer On this website you can expect to make a Minimum of four dollars per service that You offer please don't limit yourself on This website you know it really depends On your skills if you have really great Skills and a particular field you can Charge what you want on this website and Fiverr will submit out payment via Paypal you know once you have completed The service the next opportunity that Teens can check out is you guys can Become a website tester for a company Called enroll now this company will Recruit you to basically give your Honest feedback about a website an app You can do this from your desktop your Smartphone tablet you know whatever Electronic device that you have

Available that allows you to be able to You know just browse through websites You know be able to give your honest Feedback you can expect to make around Ten dollars or more per 20 minute test So definitely go ahead and sign up with This website today the next opportunity Is with a company called dreams time now If you are a teen that has a passion for Photography then you can be able to sell Your photos images and videos on this Website dreams time now it is completely Safe to use it has been around for many Years they will pay you 25 to 50 percent Revenue share on your photos now keep in Mind the content must not be offensive So no photos or videos dealing with the Drugs nudies you know definitely make Sure you keep it clean when you are Submitting content on this website Another great way for teens to make Money online is to design and sell T-shirts now a site Teespring has been Around for many years where you can be Able to sell your own products you will Be able to sell your own t-shirt designs Online I do recommend that you browse Through this website so you can get Familiar and just get some ideas on Different content that is able to sell On this website you'll see a lot of Different you know just creative t-shirt Designs so if you are definitely a Fashion icon I do recommend you you know

Checking out this website browsing Through the different products that they Have available now if you don't Completely have any design experience Don't worry I will show you how to find Some pre-made design t-shirt templates I'll show you really quick this is a Site that I love to use when I am Designing anything you know you get can Just simply go on their website create Your free account type in t-shirt and You will see tons of templates already Pre-made you know that you can be able To just upload the logo to Teespring and They will handle the distribution for You another opportunity for teens to Make money from home is to become a Tutor you know you can find tutoring Jobs for math tutors science tutors you Know General Studies you know writing Tutors you know you can find all type of Tutoring jobs that pay anywhere from Fourteen dollars and up you know Depending on your area you know some of These jobs are full-time some of them Are part-time some of them pay around Thirty dollars per hour so definitely Check out care.com to find tutoring jobs In your area I really hope you guys have Enjoyed this video These opportunities That I was able to share for teens make Sure you like and share this video with Your family and friends also make sure You leave your comments your questions

Below to be featured in the next video I Wish you guys nothing but the best take Care Are looking for more ways to make money From home as a beginner online make sure You pick up my guide 20 beginner Friendly ways to make money online with 150 companies I made sure that I did all The research for you guys I researched Over 150 companies that you guys can be Able to sign up with apply with also You'll be able to learn different ways To avoid scams how to identify if a Company is legitimate or not you know Different sites that you can be able to Check you'll find a lot of good nuggets In this video whether you are a teen Stay-at-home mom you are retired and you Just wanting to transition to working From home so make sure you pick up that Guide I'll leave my link in the Description box below I appreciate you Guys for watching take care guys Foreign

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