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Hi everybody welcome back to my channel I hope everybody's doing good today I'm Doing great and I'm back with another Job for you guys and this job right here Is coming from the company care Harmony And they're currently looking for an Enrollment representative to work in the U.S so you will see Nashville there but They're not specifying that you need to Be in Nashville to work that job so We're gonna go ahead and get into the Details starting off with the estimated Pay and according to Glassdoor this job Does have an estimated pay of about 43k Per year as I always say that's an Estimate you already know you have to Get the exact pay from the company you Will be educating and enrolling patients In the Medicare sponsor care Coordination program designed to help The patient better manage their chronic Illnesses whether that's diabetes high Blood pressure COPD and this is going to Be over the phone okay so you're gonna Work with an assigned patient pools Making outbound calls and educating Patients on the advantages of their CARE Program and you're going to be Responsible for establishing a rapport With potential clients overcoming Objections to participation and Tailoring their message to patients Based on their demographics unique Health concerns and insurance and you're

Going to need to be an excellent Communicator with the ability to explain The program offered in an informational Influential concise and personable Manner and you need to have proven Ability to be able to work within a team Be warm and professional be able to Multitask and also be comfortable with Working with different software Platforms that's going to include Microsoft Office Outlook Excel word and Skype and you will be delivering High Call line you're going to be spending 80 Percent of your time on the phone you Will need to be available between 8 AM To 4 30 p.m that's going to be Central Standard Time and experience with sales Is preferred but it's not required an Associate degree or higher and again you Do need to be us based and you are going To get benefit with this job as well and Here is the application for the job Right here of course if you're Interested in applying you can find the Link in the description bar if you guys Have any questions or any comments leave Those below and as usual thank you guys So much for watching I'll see you in my Next video and good luck to those who Apply for the job

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