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Happy Wednesday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job these Companies they will train you you can Make anywhere between 760 to 840 a week So we're gonna go ahead and dive right Into the first job we're going to talk About the company Equity Solutions They're currently seeking full-time Medical scribes Um to work from home training is Provided and they want you to have Training and anatomy and physiology and Then also medical terminology with a Strong desire to be trained as a medical Scribe and they want you to be able to Be committed to work a minimal of 10 Minimum of 10 months with a quality Solutions they also want you to have Strong computer typing and listening Skills ability to type 45 plus words per Minute benefits is included and you will Gain knowledge on how to draft HPI is p E s r o s and analyze lab reports you Will provide EHR charting support Directly from physician as a charting Assistant in real time this company do Offer opportunities for growth which is Great and give you information about Equity solution it is the clinical Documentation service for Health Care Systems and practice overloading by Medical And management tasks so we're going to Go more into details about what you're

Going to be doing as a physician direct Personnel assistance you will become the Critical link for the Physicians to Handle all their electronic medical Records patient to patients in real time You will interpret symptoms and document The doctor doctor patient visit in the Clinical charting of each patient okay Now a lot of times when you go in and we Dissect this job when it talks about An anatomy and physiology medical Terminology always Google these things Use Google as your friend build a Relationship with it because you can Always Google things to get a knowledge Like what is anatomy and physiology it Tells you right here you can always Google more to understand more about This the same as Um important medical terms you need to Know like medical terminology if you Type in what is medical terminology is Going to come up and it's going to tell You what it is but these are examples of To understand medical terminology and Then as well they do have practice Transcription tests where you can just Play hit the play button and you can Listen and type so you can go to Gold Transcript and they have a whole bunch Of practice tests that you can do if I Click on practice transcription test This is what it looks like here they Have Eddie test one editing test two if

I click on transcript Test one this is what a a will a pop-up And then start talking and then you just Listen to what you hear and then you Type it that's what you need to do and Then they also have typing tests for Medical Um scribes this is what you do you just Start typing this is what you're going To be typing as a scribe so this is Different from actually doing typing Tests like Through official type of Tests or this is Something that you need to practice if You're trying to get in medical Transcriptions as well as medical scribe And then also this is a another medical Type of test online that you can take Advantage of you see all these things That I Google online to found Um same thing about medical Transcription online practice tests this Is a whole bunch of tests that you can Do and then also Express scribe practice Transcription files many things that you Can go over to you know be your best and Do your best on this job here okay now You also have to have the ability to Work from a designated HIPAA workspace And secure reliable internet connection At home now they want you to have a Minimum of three shifts per week that's Mondays through Friday with the ability To work and on you know nobody interrupt

You uh for between eight to ten hours Shift between the hours of 7 A.M to 7 P.M they're hiring for Eastern standard Time Central Standard time or Pacific Standard Time okay and then they want You to have again strong computer typing And listening skills and if this sounds Like something that you're able to do Then make for sure you go ahead and Apply today for this job because this Type of job do not last it alone by Clicking here okay so keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there with your name on it but you Gotta believe everything starts in your Mind okay if you say that you can you're Going to see a lot of results but when You have in your mind that I can't do it Then you're not going to go that far in Life okay I keep telling you every day Is that you have to surround yourself Around people that wants to do things And people that want to cheer you on too Many times we hang around people that Really don't want to go or see your Vision you know people don't want you to Go be ahead at them they want you to be On the same level or they want you to be Beneath them but when you get ready to Start a business I don't care what it is It could be a clothing store it can be a Daycare it can be a YouTube channel or It can be you're applying for other work From home jobs trying to pick up a side

Hustle to make extra money people are Not going to like that people are going To hate they're going to be saying oh I Wouldn't um apply for another job you Know just be satisfied with what you are And here you are you're on that job You're struggling you may have fifty Dollars to last you until you get paid Um the following week some people have Fifty dollars to last them you know to Get paid every month and people like to See you struggle and I tell you all the Time and you just got to keep pushing And stop telling people your business There's a lot of people you know Confining those so many people telling Them all you know different things that I'm having a hard time finding where Work from home job I'm in the process of Losing my home everybody is not happy For you everybody is happy that you're Going through things in life where you Whether if you're struggling living Paycheck to paycheck people are going Behind your back or or in your face Talking about you happy that you're Struggling you know in life you got to Learn to keep some things to yourself Because you know people are not praying For you they're they're a p r e y i ing Is for you there's a difference between Praying P-r-a-y-i ing versus P-r-e-y-i-n-g so remember that you know

Surround yourself Around people that is going to cheer you On uplift you okay the older that I get My circle of friends is is fear it's not Because I think that I'm better than Anybody it's because I don't like being Around drama I don't like being around Mess I don't like being around people That when you tell them what you're Trying to do they are speaking deaf over You and not life I just feel that that Is not what I need to be because life is Too short for drama and mess you need to Be around somebody that is gonna say you Can do this oh you know um just go out There and try you know you just never Know what can happen that is the kind of People that you want to surround Yourself around okay so I get it a lot Of people unfortunately don't have Family members or anybody to support Them on whatever they do you know Whether it's trying to find a job Starting business whatever the case may Be they don't have that support but I'm Giving you that support keep pushing Keep applying don't give up there is a Job out there with your name on it but You gotta believe you got this if you Don't believe nobody else will so go out There and grab what is yours today by Applying for these jobs okay because Again there is a job out there Specifically for you but she starts with

Your mind okay so you know that I always Talk about Um ways of bettering yourself because a Lot of people need uh more money because The cost of living is going up Tremendously and some people are living Paycheck to paycheck and I believe in Helping you to get to the next level and That is with course careers Um you can start a career no experience Or degree is required and to give you Information about this is if you do your Research text sales in information Technology is high in demand and Different companies are looking for People that you know know about tech Sales and information technology Text cells is basically you're reaching Out out to potential buyers like for Example if you are working for Google Um you're reaching out to potential Buyers that are want to buy your Products for um on Google so there are More than 300 000 open jobs and the Starting salary is 60k to between 60k And 80 a year information technology is More of you're not on the phone okay You're basically dealing with tickets And cues it's more of a chat job and There are more than 200 000 opening jobs Ranging between 40 to 60k a year okay so I suggest you to go look at the Testimonies there are a lot of people That are testing my testifying about

Course careers how it has changed their Life and just to give you information About Um what this girl say she is 19 years Old she works at Starbucks like I always Say is that there's nothing wrong with Starting at Starbucks McDonald's Walmart There's nothing wrong with it but I just Still think it's meant for you to stay There for the rest of your life Especially if you're not moving up so She came across course careers and now She is one of the youngest reps working At a comedy making sick Decay a year Working from home and this can happen to You Now what you need to do is right here Where this button is sign up for the Free where you can get information about What is information technology what is Text sales and that you'll learn Everything about what you'll be doing And at that time if you feel like it's a Good fit don't procrastinate don't be Saying oh I'll wait till next year I you Know you know you take action today what You'll do is enroll in their online Self-paced course and you can complete The course in a few weeks to a couple Months depending on how much time you Commit you will learn everything that is Required to land your first position as Well as you will get a internship where You can work for Google or different

Other companies for three months making Between 15 and 20 an hour so you're Basically learning getting paid and Getting the experience you know versus You go to a university a trade school Community College you're coming out with A degree but you're not coming out with Experience so a lot of people are Getting frustrated where they're coming Out with degree spinning two three years Four five years in college coming out With a degree going out and applying for These jobs and they're not getting a job Because they don't have the experience And then what they do they go back to College change their major but here with Course careers it literally take you Three months or less and you have your Degree or certification and you're Getting paid and you're getting into an Internship where you're getting the Experience okay so it is a win-win Situation okay so they're going to teach You everything that you need to know to Land an entry-level position as well as An internship they they would teach you How to apply for companies what they Look for in resumes application how to Prepare for interviews and so much so Much more and they have partnered with Directly companies that want to hire Students into an entry level position And internship so they drop the degree And experience requirement for course

Careers graduates so it's a win-win okay So when you you go in here there is a Price and I believe is very affordable When you scroll down here a single Payment of 499 dollars you can't beat That when you go to a community college Or trade school a university you're out Of more money than 499 dollars you don't Even have to take out a loan they do a Four payment plan of a hundred and fifty Dollars where you can pay every two Weeks until you get it paid off and they Are so guaranteed that they do have a 14-day money-back guarantee this course Is fully refundable within 14 days of Purchase no courses asked simply contact Them and they will refund your money but On an average Of a Information Technology you'll make Over 800 a week as a help desk Professional so basically the course pay For itself during just the force the First four days on this job You have to take action you know if you Want to grow you gotta invest the more You know the more you grow knowledge is Power when you know more you're valuable So take advantage of this this is a Great opportunity Um in order to enroll you have to be 18 Years or older this is perfect for a High school student as well if you're a Junior or senior in high school and you Just don't know what you want to do with

Your life or you cannot afford to go to College you need to tell a High School Junior and senior by course careers Because they could come out make it Anywhere between 60k to 100K being a Information Technology as well as a tax Sales Um again this is a great opportunity for Anyone that won't say career change Tired of sitting at a job for years and Not getting a raise or if you went to College and you just want to do Something totally different this is for You so go ahead and take advantage of This this is what the it course outline Look for and this is your teacher again Invest in yourself that is a part of Self-care use the job that you have now To invest in you going up the next level Because that's what you need you need to Have multiple strains of income going on Okay multiple strains of income I keep Telling you to keep applying even though You have a job now Remember my channel is all about Non-phone work at home job leads that go Out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard time when I say every day That's Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday and make sure That you're watching the videos all the Way through because there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing your first

Second third job even a side hustle Consider subscribing to the channel I Would love for you to be a part of the Family all you have to do is hit that Subscribe button and click on the Bell To turn on your notifications so every Time when I upload new videos you will Be notified and never give you plenty Plenty of opportunities to go ahead and Apply for these jobs before they're no Longer available people are getting Hired every single day and I would love For you to be the next one to get hired Make sure you're checking out the Communities have that is where I engage Engage with you every single day if you Would like to support the channel or Become a member of the YouTube channel All you have to do is to to join when There is a short video explaining the Benefits of the company member of the Channel shout out to everyone that's Already a member of the channel shout Out to everyone that supported this Channel I really appreciate you and Remember don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company do it keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there With your name on it so go out there Right now and grab what is yours today By applying for these jobs okay you got This believe in yourself because if you Don't believe in yourself nobody else

Will again thank you so much for Watching and I will see you in the next Video

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