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Foreign [Music] This is Melissa from Melissa at home and Welcome back to another video happy Monday I hope you had an amazing weekend This is a hot and amazing work from home Job lead that I want to share with you On today so if you are ready to get Started we're going to jump into it Firstly make sure you subscribe if You're not subscribed and if you are Able to hit that notification Bell so That you do not miss out on any of these Videos that feature remote based Positions these job leads have Expiration dates to them and you never Know when they will expire so make sure You subscribe and hit that notification Bell again so that you do not miss out On any of these positions alright so We're going to jump into today's video Today's video opportunity is coming from A company called Trident care if you've Never heard of this company you can go Ahead and Google with them just do a Quick Google search about the company Into independent research about the Company if you Google Trident care You'll find tons of information about This company which includes the average Salary that they pay for this particular Position so try to care has become a National leader in the delivery of Mobile

Diagnostic services such as x-ray Ultrasound EKG vascular access Laboratory and other medical related Services so that's basically who Trident Care is if you have never heard of this Company's Goods to do a Google search so You can understand exactly what it is That they do So in this video I'm going to be Highlighting their Cash their cash applications Representative position now for this Position they did not list their salary Within the job listings so again you Would have to use Google to get an idea Of the average that they pay So based on Google I was able to pull out the Average salary is around 40 to it's Around 41 to 53 K per year per year for This particular position so zip Recruiter have the most recent salary Listed for November 2022 is 43k per year And that's basically their average pay For this particular position for this Company salary.com have the same Position and it is listed at 54 000 per Year and that is based on if you live in Washington DC so your salary can vary Depending on your state as well okay so This is just to give you an idea an Average I'm sorry search may give you an Idea you know so to speak of the average Salary that you can expect to get paid Sometimes the company may ask you one

For your desired salary for the position So you want to go up between 43k to 54k Based on the average that you have Researched online so let's get back to Trident care they have a remote-based Position that I want to highlight in This video but they also have multiple Jobs I don't want you to just focus on This opportunity if you're watching this Video and you are interested in Something else that they may have you Can feel free to go to their find Opportunities on your upper right corner There's a tab right here it says find Opportunities you click on that Tab and It will take you to this page will start Loading loading and it will take you to A listing of open positions that they Currently have all right so you can find Some remote base position on this page If you scroll down scroll scroll they Have a customer service representative Job hosted recently in November and it Is remote based in the US for customer Service representative position They have another one listed here I'm Not sure if it's the same position but It is but the hours seem to be different One is full time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Saturday and Sunday 6 30 a.m To 2 p.m and then the bottom one here is For 2 P.M to 10 30 PM so some evening Positions are available and it is Remote-based opportunity now these two

Positions are not non-phone-based I Believe you may have to be on the phone Assisting customers so you can click on Any of these customer service Representative position and read more Details about the job okay They also have an overnight position if You got a peek of that here for a Radiologist technologist and that might Not be for many of you right so this is Their overnight position but it is not Remote okay so it seems as though their Customer service representative job Title is remote based and these two Positions have two different hours one Is more so in the day hours and the Other one is more in the afternoon night Hours And they were recently posted in November so definitely hop on these Positions okay all right so let's go Back to the position that I want to Highlight in this video is the remote Cache applications rep I want to Highlight this one because it is not Home based okay So for this position the job description States that you will post payments to Accounts according to the line of Service and service dates to ensure Accurate payment status and accurate Account activity according to Department Process so that is the main duty that You'll be doing is post payments to

Accounts then of course there are other Duties which includes researching and Resolving all unallocated payments with The established Benchmark so all of These additional description fits into Posting payments you have to do all These first before you post payments According to the according to their line Of service I also want you to maintain Compliance with well-established Departmental Benchmark keep supervisor Informed complete all reports according To schedule and perform other tasks as Assigned to support the goals of the Organization so that is the description For this position in terms of the skills And experience that you need as you can See it's minimal it's not it's not a Long list of skills or experience we Just need to have a high school diploma In at least one year cash posting or Health Care revenue cycle which is Required so if you have one year of cash Posting like any feel that relates to Posting payments or Health Care Revenue Then are the candidate that is perfect For this job proficient with computers In Microsoft Office detail-oriented Excellent organizational skills and the Ability to multitask make sure you Mention these things these are keywords That are very important to include in Your resume for this job okay and then They mention their physical demands now

This is a remote-based position so you Will be working directly from your home Office so the qualifications the main Skills Microsoft Office computer skills Require team player again these are key Keywords make sure you include these Keywords in your resume all right Microsoft Office computer skills team Player detail-oriented keywords very Important motivations required Flexibility Those highlighted keywords self-starter Work-life balance make sure you mention Those things in your resume Particularly in your goal section your Goals summary section in on your resume If you're not sure what that is email Melissia at home gmail.com I can help You with your resume and make sure that Your resume is tailored for remote-based Jobs this will help you to gain a Momentum in you know Landing a remote Based position and getting your resume Noticed so this is from Trident care and This particular position on average Again can range between 43k to 50K so We're going to put it within let's say You make on average twenty dollars per Hour on average so if they ask you your Desired salary you can State 18 20 per Hour or so and you know go from there All right now to apply for this position It's very simple you click where it says Apply now you will have to register okay

So by registering you agree to their Consent policy so make sure you read Their consent policy so you fully Understand what you're getting into all Right if you do not consent you just Click where it says I do not consent so If you click that do not consent then I Guess you're not interested in working For this company but if you do consent And you click or assess consent you just Fill out this information right here so I'm going to go ahead and fill out this Information real quick now while I was Going through the registration process Entering my name email all about the Basic information there was a error page That showed and then I just refreshed The page and then it brought me to the Sign in where they they have my email And my password that I just you know Registered with and then I just simply Signed in once I signed in this is Basically what you will see once you Sign in remote cache applications wrap You can use a resume to fill out your Application faster and it will be added Automatically as an attachment Okay so I uploaded a resume and it Automatically filled out all the Necessary Um spaces within on this form so that Was awesome and the rest are just Optional things that you know if you Want to fill out you can fill that out

Now of course I'm not going to show Everyone my personal information so just Be sure that the resume was uploaded it Filled out all the importance detailed Information that was on the resume which Is pretty cool right it saves you on Time and down here you can select you Know skills that you have you can see The different skills that they have Listed here just click on any one of Those and you can select whether you are An advanced expert novice you have some Knowledge intermediate and so on right So you can select any of these to add Into your skills section then you're Just gonna hit where it says save and Continue now because I don't want to Take the job from the rest of you guys And give you guys an opportunity to Apply for this position I'm not going to Submit my application okay and I'm just Going to leave that up to you to do this The rest of this but it's very simple First fairly simple and easy application That is filled out on their platform if You can if you have your resume all Together ready to go then basically just Upload it and it will fill out Automatically and you just select these Different skills listed here and just Save and submit and that's basically it You just wait for a phone call from a Recruiter or an email to you know invite You on an interview again see fairly

Fairly simple and easy application Answer for this video Trident care is Currently hiring and they have an Amazing position for remote cash Applications rep they also have other Positions as I showed you in the Beginning of this video if you're Interested in any of their work from Home jobs then definitely go ahead and Get started in the application and I'll See you guys next time happy work from Home bye

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