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Hey hey two chicks fam it's me Carl and I am back with a non phone work from Home chat job and this company guys they Are on a hiring spree so make sure you Guys check out this one be sure to Subscribe to the channel like the video And share on this channel we give away Laptops and we are giving away 10 more Brand new beautiful laptop computers by The way guys and anybody can win make Sure you take the video put it on Facebook Instagram Tick Tock share it With a friend a family member be sure to Come back though and leave us a comment Don't forget to check out all the videos That were posted on this channel today Make sure you guys hop over to the two Chicks with asidehustle.com blog look Under the spotlight job section apply For Omni and then scroll down to where It says the recruiter reached out Section and applied for a Telus let us Know in the comments what type of work From home job or side hustle you guys Are looking for and be sure to sign up For Branded surveys the link is down Below in the comment section let's get Into it so if you are looking for more Non-phone jobs be sure to come over here Check them out on the non Phoneworkathome.com blog so the company Guys we talked about this company before It is called goo bagu I think I'm saying It right so they

Are on a hiring spree for this chat Specialist now let me explain guys this Is a no experience type of job that pays 13 an hour you guys could start here but You don't have to stay here we tell you Guys this all the time if you have no Type of chat experience you could start With this company gain the knowledge Gain the skills gain the experience use It to your advantage and then move on to Another company that pays more money but You need some skills for these types of Jobs so again the company is goober goo They're looking to fear their chat Specialists work from home position it Says that Google is an affiliate of Rentals and rentals and they are hiring For inbound chat operators our chat Specialists provide individuals the Ability to engage in online Conversations to inquire about Automotive and recreational vehicle Sales service finance and general Dealership questions our focus is to Represent our dealer clients favorably Online to turn the experience into a Lead so that our dealer clients can Generate revenue from their website Traffic so this company guys it says That they are relaxed but professional And a fun environment to work in we are Seeking positive and energetic people Who understand the importance of great Customer service and enjoy being on a

Computer and around technology you will Be handling customer inquiries and Complaints via the online chat you will Provide info about the products and and Services via the online chat you will Also troubleshoot and resolve product Issues and concerns via the online chat You will document and update customer Records based on interactions again via The online chat also develop and Maintain a knowledge base of the Evolving products and services Requirements excellent customer service Skills and ability to work in a Fast-paced environment you must have Your own computer desktop laptop with a Webcam microphone and external Mouse Computer must have a minimum of eight Gigs of RAM 64-bit operating system and An eighth generation Intel core I3 Equivalent or higher you must have a Quiet dedicated workspace free from Distractions and able to attend a five Weeks of remote training Tuesday through Saturday between the hours of 11 A.M and 7 30 p.m so again the company is Google I guess I'm saying it right guys but Make sure you go over to Google and type In Google if you don't find anything Type in rentals and rentals because they Are an affiliate of rentals and rentals And they are looking to feel their chat Specialist work from home position no Experience is required 13 an hour and

They are on a hiring spree so I would Love to see some of our subscribers or Members get this position be sure to do Some research like I said go over to Google type in the name see what comes Up about this company make sure you Share this video somebody out there guys Is looking for a legitimate work from Home job a side gig or a side hustle we Have the job so make sure you tell a Friend tell somebody let your people Know about what we do on this channel Don't forget to come back though and Leave us a comment because we have four Giveaways going on with this brand hop On over to Facebook join our group it is A cubicle goodbye make sure you guys are Following us over on our Facebook Business page it is two chicks with the Side hustle we're giving away two Additional laptop computers guys and They are absolutely free make sure You guys also follow us on Instagram We're trying to get to 10 000 followers on our Instagram platform So make sure you come over there guys Share the information that is all we ask And leave us a comment somewhere and Your name will be listed on put on the Giveaway list to be in the drawing so Make sure you guys share share share Again my name is Carol I'll catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people in the Next video

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