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Hey hey hey it is me Carl and I am back With a part-time work from home job AAA Is hiring guys make sure you subscribe Like and share because on this YouTube Channel we give away laptops and we are Giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers they are absolutely free to You guys the only thing you guys have to Do is take the video go share it put it On Facebook put it on your social media Platforms share it on Tick Tock Instagram But be sure to come back Though leave us a comment don't forget To check out all the videos that went up On the channel today and make sure you Guys go back and check out their live Stream if you are looking for the skip The interview non-phone and phone work From home jobs and side hustles we did a Live stream last night and we talked About 30 companies make sure you guys go Back check it out also guys be sure to Hop over here to the two chicks with blog look under the Spotlight job section on the Interactions is on a hiring spree make Sure you guys apply for Omni and then Scroll down look under the recruiter Reached out section and make sure you Apply for tell us tell us is on a hiring Spree as well they are looking to hire Over 200 plus people for their online Data analysts work from home position And then you want to look down below in

The comments and sign up for Branded Surveys again the link is down below in The comment section let's get into this Great video so the company guys it is Triple A they are looking to feel their Part-time call center representative Work from home position it says here That we hire for these roles on an Ongoing basis as positions become Available this posting this posting is Intended to feel current or future Vacancies as needed qualified candidates Will be contacted in an ongoing basis to Discuss available career opportunities And it's a thank you eligible applicants Must live within the AAA Northeast Footprint to be considered for work from Home opportunities this does include Rhode Island Massachusetts Connecticut New York and New Jersey you have applied To a work from home position and and as Such you will be required to meet Specific work from home requirements to Support the business needs of Triple A So you will be receiving incoming calls From prospective and current members Requesting road Services processes Requests and gatherers required info in Order to provide timely service answer Members questions and provides detailed Information nation regarding AAA road Service products and services provides Five Diamond customer service to Encourage member retention renewal and

New membership sales now I do see some More responsibilities listed here guys Text road service calls while being Mindful of members emotional and Physical well-being their safety coming Them down and angry member providing Reassurance to an anxious member and Etc You will gather info regarding road Service calls including verification of Membership the number the name the Telephone number email vehicle Description and location and nature of Vehicular problem utilizes Department Software such as D3 Members Plus Navigator to ensure efficient dispatch Prioritized calls for safety issues and Research membership status takes Required action to help member determine Exact location of disabled vehicle or Meeting place asking probing questions And referring to the maps or other Materials and Etc so let's get on down Here it says that the salary range guys It is 17 to 18 dollars per hour the Qualifications I do see education high School diploma or GED or if you have Four years of relevant experience and if You are bilingual I guess they are Offering this job to people that are Bilingual as well one year of customer Service experience is required one year Of call center experience is required so You must have customer service and at Least a year of call center experience

Ability to address various high volume And challenging situations ability to Listen to understand communicate with Others by phone in written form or Electronically ability to read maps and Utilize navigation resources ability to Convince others to buy good services or To otherwise change their minds or Actions encourage and build Mutual trust Respect cooperation with others and Maintain them ability to apply general Rules to specific problems to produce Answers that make sense ability to Operate a computer with relevant Software applications ability to Maintain confidentiality ability to Operate a computer with relevant Software applications so guys this one Is on the two chicks with the side Hustle blog I will be sure to leave a Link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can hurry up And apply again the company is Triple A They are looking to feel their part-time Call center rep work from home position And as you guys see here the pay it is 17 to 18 dollars per hour you will need Some skills and some experience to apply For this job if it is not for you guys We totally understand there will be Others please make sure that you share The video with someone that may be Looking for a legitimate work from home Job make sure you go over to Google do

Some research about AAA although we have Heard of the company before you might Get asked what do you actually know About Triple A what are some things that You have heard about Triple A who Started Triple A who is the founder of The company so you want to be prepared And not surprised so make sure you jot Down the information and have it readily Available just in case you guys get an Interview and I'm praying that each and Every single one of you guys that apply For these jobs and side hustles that you Get something make sure that you share My video again somebody out there is Looking for a legitimate work from home Job and I see tons of scams posted on Facebook on a daily basis so help the People out guys share the information It's free it don't cost you nothing and Then come back and leave us a comment Hop on over to Facebook join us in our Group it is okay stay cubicle goodbye And we are doing another giveaway guys Once we reach 250 000 members and it is growing so fast so Make sure you come over there invite Your people to the group again somebody That you know or don't know that could Be friends with you on your Facebook Friends list and they are looking for a Legitimate work from home job and trust Me they will thank you for inviting them Later be sure to follow us on our two

Chicks with the side hustle Facebook Business page because on that page guys We are giving away two additional Laptops so we have four giveaways going On right now and also don't forget about Instagram once we reach 10 000 followers On Instagram guys we are going to let The cat out the bag and we're gonna give Away something else we recently did a Giveaway on Instagram a couple of weeks Ago we gave away two hundred dollars Worth of gift cars who knows what we're Going to give away this time so make Sure you follow us again guys on Instagram we are two chicks with a side Hustle my name is Carl and I will catch You wonderful lovely amazing people on The next video bye Bye YouTube

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