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Happy Saturday too chick spam it is me Carl and I am back with a non-phone data Entry work from home job now if you are Looking for a more non-phone jobs like Data entry chat email be sure to check Them out on the non-phonework at blog smash that red subscribe Button turn on that Bell notification Make sure you guys thumbs up the videos And share on this channel we give away Laptop computers and we are giving away 10 more hopefully before the end of the Year help us get to 100 000 subscribers and thank you guys so Much to the ones that have been sharing Our videos but it is not too late so go Spread the word tell a friend be sure to Come back and leave us a comment don't Forget to go back check out the videos That were posted on the channel Yesterday make sure you guys hop over to The blog two chicks with the side look under the spotlight job Section guys make sure you apply for Omni they have a self-pay certification Now where you can take it at your own Time the training is at your own pace at Your own time so make sure you guys Check it out and apply and share don't Forget about branded surveys the link is Down below in the comment section let's Go ahead and jump in so the company is Insight Investments they're looking to Hire data entry clerks it says here

Seeking a data entry clerk to maintain Large quantities of production data by Entering new and updated customer and Account information prepare Source data For computer entry by compiling and Sorting information establishes entry Priorities processes customer and Account Source documents by reviewing Data for deficiencies or deficiencies Now it says what you will be doing you Will work with Service delivery and Warehouse operations to ensure data Integrity transfer data from paper Formats into computer files or a Database system them type in data Provided directly from The Warehouse Systems create spreadsheets with large Numbers of figures without mistakes Verify data by comparing it to Source Documents update existing data Retrieve data from the database or Electronic files as requested you will Perform regular backups to ensure data Preservation sort and organize paperwork After entering data to ensure it is not Lost navigate Freight carrier tracking Numbers run daily weekly monthly reports From multiple sources the qualifications You will need a high school diploma or Equivalent computer Proficiency in MS Office Excel must have experience in Microsoft Dynamics or ax the skills Proven experience as a data entry clerk Fast typing skills excellent knowledge

Of word processing tools and Spreadsheets MS Office Word Excel Etc Working knowledge of office equipment And computer hardware and peripheral Devices basic understanding of databases Good command of English both oral and Written and customer service skills Great attention to detailed high school Diploma or equivalent so this one guys It is posted on the non-phone work at Home blog I will be sure to leave a a Link posted right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company make sure you go over To Google type in Insight investment see What comes up about this company and Make sure guys that you share this video And leave us a comment down below so Again Insight Investments they are Looking to feel their data entry clerk Position you don't need any type of Degree to apply for this job just a high School diploma or equivalent like a GED And you can apply for this position if You have the qualifications and the Skills make sure you guys hop over to Facebook and join kiss that cubicle Goodbye make sure you follow us guys on Our Facebook business page because we Are going to give away two additional Laptop computers absolutely free guys And anybody can win these laptops just Make sure you guys hop on over there Follow us and start sharing the content

We are trying to get to a hundred Thousand followers on that paid so make Sure you guys hop on over there and Check us out don't forget guys to hop Over to Twitter Tick Tock and Instagram And follow us now on Instagram we are Doing another giveaway so we're doing What we call a pop-up giveaway this Means that we are going to come on the Live stream just pop up We're not going to set a date or Anything like that so make sure you're Over there and you're following us and You're sharing over there create some Stories create some reels put us in your Stories guys let's help get the word out There to the masses and be sure that you Leave us a comment somewhere so we're Gonna do a pop-up between now and the End of the year on Instagram I don't Know what date we're just gonna come Over there and do it and I don't really Know what we're gonna give away and you Guys you know how we are so you never Know what we're going to give away it Could be another laptop it could be a Desktop it could be 100 cash app we've Been known to give away money on this YouTube channel so we may give away some Money on Instagram but I don't know just Make sure you're following us my name is Carol I'll catch you guys in the next Video Bye YouTube

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