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Welcome back my friends and this is Lindsay and I am back with an exciting Work from home job lead but real quickly If you're new here this channel is all About searching the internet looking for The best work from home jobs available And we share them on a daily basis so Make sure you're subscribed if you never Want to miss out and the links are Always in the YouTube description box if You want to put those applications in But the big retailer Amazon is hiring Work from home and this is not some kind Of engineer or hard job this one is a Customer service based and you do not Have to have any kind of degree so they Are hiring a customer support specialist This is for my United States folks only And this is in conjunction with shopbop Shopbop is a fully integrated Amazon Subsidiary based out of Madison Wisconsin and they are looking for a Motivated individual who has an Obsession for help helping customers and Customer satisfaction now this is a Full-time job it is a direct higher Position it is a paying 19 an hour so This is customer service call center Their call center is open 7 A.M to 9 pm Seven days a week so they are asking That you have the flexibility to work a Variety of different shifts including Nights weekends and some holidays but if That sounds like something you would

Like to do shopbop is an online shopping Destination for fashion and style so They are looking for someone to reply to Pre-order questions about fit fashion Trends style product availability and Different promotions via phone email and Online chat you'll provide customers Guidance through the online ordering Process you'll address and resolve any Post order questions including shipping Billing and delivery you'll use Different software products to resolve The customer inquiries and you'll also Have to work with shipping vendors to Get those shipping issues under control Now again they don't require any college Degree just a high school diploma or Equivalent they only require two years Experience in some kind of customer Service retail or service industry and Service industry can be awaiting tables Or anything like that they're looking For someone who is of course a great Communication skills along with those Customer service skills someone who can Do a basic math someone who can manage Their time stay organized and prioritize Things someone who can keep an eye out For high level of detail and make sure You are accurate with recording things And someone who can work well under Pressure you may have customers calling You that are upset their order has not Arrived yet alright if you've made it to

The end of this video I want to say Thank you so so much for watching and Supporting me and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you two videos will be Popping up on your screen mean one I Picked for you and the other YouTube Picked for you that you might enjoy next Please Subscribe and hit the Bell icon So you never miss another work from home Or money making video from me and thank You so so much for watching and I'll Catch you in the next one

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