CVS Is Hiring Work From Home Job Get Paid To Test Claims Up To $27 An Hour + Equipment Provided

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Hey hey two chicks fam happy Easter it's Me Carl and I am back with another work From home video CVS Pharmacy is hiring Make sure you guys subscribe like and Share because on this YouTube channel Not only do we talk about legit work From home job side gig side hustles we Do live streams and we give away laptops And if you guys want to win take this Video and go share it with a friend post It on Facebook be sure to come back and Leave us a comment now we have been Dropping a lot of work when you want Videos because you guys asked for these So we have dropped tons of them be sure To scroll back check out the videos Don't forget to come over here to the Two chicks blog look on the home page Make sure you guys apply for Telus International the Raider position is 14 An hour that's the pay and it is work When you want no interview make sure you Guys share that position somebody out There guys is looking for the these work When you want opportunities let us know In the comments what type of work from Home job you guys are looking for and be Sure to sign up for Branded surveys the Link is in the comments let's jump into The video so the company is CVS they are Looking to feel this test claim Specialist this is a good one this is a Full-time permanent job with benefits Guys and it is not through an agency

They have it posted right here so it Says that we believe that a test claim Specialist plays a key role in creating A positive experience for the patients In this Dynamic and fast-paced role you Will be responsible for obtaining Authorizations for both our new and Existing patients this will allow us to Process timely prescription orders while Demonstrating exceptional customer Service to our referrals insurance Carriers and also the patients now this Role will require an understanding of Insurance carriers and Concepts Including drug cards major medical Benefits per diem coverage as well as Knowledge of government and patient Assistant programs now the typical work Day is eight hour shifts Monday through Friday with the hours varying from 8 30 A.m to 8 P.M Central Standard Time Weekends and holiday shifts will be Asked for on occasion it says this Position is 100 remote from anywhere Guys in the U.S so if you live in California New York New Jersey Ohio Connecticut Illinois Washington those Hard to find work from home States you Guys can apply for this one the pay Range is 17 to 27 per hour and they do Have a listing of required Qualifications I see minimum of one year Of experience working in a healthcare Environment previous experience working

With prior authorizations knowledge of Medicare Medicaid and third-party Vendors analytical and problem solving Skills attention to detail and Multitasking skills experience working In Microsoft Office specifically Excel Word teams and also Outlook they do have A few preferred qualifications and it's Just preferred it is not required Education I see variable high school Diploma or GED is required you don't Need a degree in order to apply for this Position so again the company of CVS Pharmacy they are looking to feel this Test claim specialist the pay is 17 to 27 dollars per hour I will be sure guys To leave the link right below the video In the description box so you guys can Take a look at this particular company This job and apply make sure you go over To Google do some research because in Case you guys get an interview you want To be prepared and know something about The company perhaps even know something About this job just in case the person Interviewing you ask those questions Make sure you take my video go share it Post it on your social media platforms Instagram Tick Tock Twitter or whatever You guys have share it with a friend Also don't forget to come back and leave Us a comment you guys can even create Those stories and those reels that People post on Facebook and on Instagram

And YouTube If you have a YouTube Channel make sure you hop over to the Group on Facebook it is kiss that Cubicle goodbye we are doing a laptop Giveaway in the group we decided on this A couple of days ago so make sure you Come over there guys and the way we will Give away the laptop in the group it Will be based on how many people you Guys invite to the group so we can see On the back end who is inviting whom to The group so make sure you come over There join kiss that cubicle goodbye and Start inviting your Facebook friends and Families or if you have a Facebook Business page you can take the group Link and post it over there and invite Your audience make sure you follow us on The two chicks with the side hustle Facebook business page once we reach a Hundred thousand followers on that Platform we will be giving away two more Laptops absolutely free and make sure Guys that you follow the Instagram and The Twitter two chicks with the side Hustle follow like share that is all you Guys have to do but make sure you leave Us a comment somewhere my name is Carl And I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people on the next video bye You too

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