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Hello hello welcome back to my channel And if it's your first time here welcome My name is CeCe I post these videos Daily to help you switch from an In-office job to a remote work from home Role this is through Amazon virtual jobs Of course I know you guys love the Amazon job so I thought I would share Another this is a sales account rep for Books Borg and let's dive in are you Passionate about books do you enjoy Business to business sales do complex Challenges excite you if so our team Might be just the fit for you Amazon is Seeking a sales rep to join the Kindle Content and physical books team you'll Be responsible for prospecting and Selling books and content delivery Services so let's dive in to some of These responsibilities Prospect close And launch new SPM Enterprise education And government customers engage with Customers and Prospects to understand Their needs utilize Salesforce to track All pertinent account info provide Account management post sales develop an Understanding of competitive environment Develop a clear understanding of the Book's organization assist internal Partners to drive change in closed Business document and Report voice of Customer feedback and manage additional Product projects while maintaining Current book of business as you can see

Here this is a full cycle sales role Which will include prospecting sales Customer onboarding customer support and Account growth the basic qualifications They are looking for is three plus years Of B2B sales and a Bachelor's of art or Science or equivalent experience but Then of course it says right here Um preferred qualifications are a Bachelor's degree so you only need that Equivalent experience you don't need a Degree but if you have it obviously that Does help or you at least need that same Equivalent work experience which is Exactly three to four years so it's Right on the money strong performance And quota achievement record and the Ability to succeed in Dynamic Loosely Structured sales environment is also Preferred so for this there was no rate Of pay so so I'm like okay what are we Paying for this role so I'm gonna pop an Estimate on the screen if you would like The link to apply for this job you can Find it on my website and that will be Linked in the description box below if This one was not for you on your screen Are two other videos I've also posted Check those out you might find a better Match for yourself there click my face To subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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