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Hello welcome back to another video and If it's your first time here welcome my Name is CeCe I post daily job leads to Help you switch as easily as possible From an in-office job to a work from Home remote role this job was just Posted by Amazon for their social media Department through ring ring as you know Handles a lot of the home security Doorbells Etc and they are an entity of Amazon and they're looking for a Content Marketing coordinator let's dive in I'm Going to skim through for the sake of Keeping the video brief so anything I Miss please feel free to go back and Read on your own time I just don't want To be monologuing so the key job Responsibilities are to support Influencer campaigns from ideation Through execution manage the in-house Bench program source and vet the Influencer celebrity and ad hoc Opportunities manage the ring blog Content calendar and strategy work with External agencies to execute campaigns Assist with ugc which is user generated Content and discovery and social media Send outs giveaways and surprise and Delight moments help own a growing Constantly evolving list of brand Ambassadors and identify brand Opportunities and threats what you need For the basic qualifications so it does Say a bachelor's degree in marketing

Communications journalism or related Field or equivalent professional Experience so you do not need a degree If you have that equivalent experience Two years experience in social media or Influence Mark influencer marketing Strong written communication skills you Can stay up to date on the latest trends You know social and content initiatives And have a creative eye the preferred Qualifications you understand influencer Marketing your multi-tasker who is well Organized agile and detail-oriented and You can demonstrate a positive can do go The extra mile attitude so for rate of Pay they do have to be transparent we're Looking at the average being around Between 61 000 to 148 000 depending on The geographical Market probably the Experience you possess skills Qualifications Etc all that comes into Play there's a total compensation Package in addition to a full range of Medical financial and other benefits and You can do your application via the Internal or external site you're just Going to go straight to the link in the Description box when you open that up You will see the link to apply for this It'll be this page and you can click Apply now and do so here if you would Like that link like I said check out the Description box below if this video was Not for you or you want to binge watch

More on your screen are two other jobs I've posted check those out because you Might find something exciting and great To apply to there my face is also on the Screen to apply so you never miss an Upload and I will talk to you in my next Video bye

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