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Happy Monday two chicks fam it is me Carl and I am back with another work From home video now if you missed the Live stream last night and you are Looking for companies that provide Equipment for free guys make sure you go Back check out that live stream we Talked about a ton of companies that are Hiring right now make sure you guys Share the video because on this channel Sharon is caring and we give away laptop Computers and if you want to win make Sure you subscribe like and share the Video with a friend but be sure to come Back and leave us a comment down below Let us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you Guys are looking for be sure to hop over Here to the two chicks blog look under The spotlight job section make sure you Guys apply for Omni interactions and Then scroll down and apply for tell us Tell us is looking to feel over 200 work From home positions for their online Data analysts jobs make sure you guys Apply and don't forget about branded Surveys the link is down below in the Comment section let's get into the video So guys the company that I am going to Talk about today is cardinal health make Sure you come over here to the blog it Is two chicks with the side hustle look Under the spotlight job section I know Somebody is going to miss it so let me

Say it again two chicks with the side scroll down look under the Spotlight job section find that section And then look for Cardinal Health so the Job that they are hiring for again it is The medication reminder position now That is not the job title the job title Is patient engagement coordinator so Let's Jump Right In so the medication Therapy management or the MTM patient Engagement coordinator will provide Assistance to the MTM pharmacist to Support our mission of delivering safety Effective and affordable medication Therapy to our Target population now the MTM patient engagement coordinator will Support the MTN pharmacist in providing Outstanding customer Patient Service in Addition the MTM patient engagement Coordinator will assume the Responsibility of Performing Technical And clerical duties which do not require The professional clinical Judgment of The pharmacist as you guys can see this Is a 100 percent remote work from home Job the schedule hours will be scheduled During the following times Monday Through Friday between the hours of 8 A.M and 7 P.M Central Standard Time and On Saturdays as needed 9 to 5 30 PM CST Time so the responsibilities you will Contact the patients to introduce and Explain the benefits of the MTN program You will schedule appointments for the

MTM pharmacist to complete comprehensive Medication reviews disease statement Dedication reviews or targeted Interventions you will receive and Respond to incoming patient calls take Appropriate action based off protocols And use critical thinking skills to Escalate calls to appropriate parties When needed ensure each patient has a Positive experience by providing a high Level of customer service by answering Promptly professionally and politely Accurately document all discussions with Patients and schedule follow-up Appointments as needed update patient Demographic information in the MTN Platform obtain correct updated health Care provider contact info provide Outstanding customer service Place Onboarding confirmation calls to new MTM Solution customers also guys perform Auxiliary functions essential to the Efficient operation of the department Comply with the MTM telecomutors policy Which may include site check of remote Workspace meet productive and Performance expectations set forth by The manager now the qualifications that Are required customer service experience Sales experience and or high volume Scheduling experience ability to provide Excellent customer service with a can-do Attitude proven record of excellent Attendance and punctuality compliance

With Cardinal Health MTM telecommuting Agreement high school diploma GED or Equivalent or equivalent work experience So you don't need a degree guys to apply For this job they do have some preferred Things listed here but if you do not Have them bypass the preferred and just Apply the pay rate is 18 an hour which Is equivalent to 720 a week they do Provide equipment and also guys they do Provide health insurance 401K Contributions paid time off vacation STD Which is short-term disability and LTD Which is long-term disability so again Come on the blog it is two chicks with a Side look under the spotlight Job section and look for Cardinal Health This position guys we've talked about it Before I used to be a medication Reminder person and I work for two Different companies and I'm pretty sure This one is the same I did not work for Cardinal Health though but I did work For two other companies doing this same Position it is very straightforward very Very easy because you're not selling Anything to the customer so Cardinal Health is hiring for their patient Engagement coordinator the pay is 18 an Hour I believe you can live anywhere in The USA but don't quote me on that Because I do not see any state Restrictions listed here all I see is USA or United States that is all this is

Their website and that is all I see on Here so if you live in New York or California and you guys want to apply I Would say apply and let them tell you no Because they don't have any states Listed here so make sure you guys go do Some research because you will have an Interview with this company go over to Google type in Cardinal Health type in This particular position The MTM patient engagement coordinator See what comes up know something about The company just in case you guys get an Interview you want to be prepared and Not surprised so make sure that you do That first before you apply for this Position also guys don't forget to share My video share share share because Sharing is caring on this channel and we Have four giveaways going on now the First one is on the channel which we Will be giving away those 10 laptop Computers and they are absolutely free To you guys we've already given away 12 So we are going to turn around and give Away 10 more once we reach a hundred Thousand subscribers and then you want To follow us over on Facebook we do have A business page it is two chicks with The side hustle we're giving away two Additional laptop computers and also Some other things work from home related Will be given away as well so make sure You guys come over there follow follow

Follow and then you want to share the Content wherever we have posted or you Can tag tag your people your friends Your family members your Facebook Friends tag them on the post guys Everybody nowadays is looking for a Legit work from home job and some people Are just running into these scammers and They are sick and tired of them I know I Am because I see them posted all over Social media every single day make sure You join us in our group it is kiss the Cubicle goodbye we are trying to get the Group to 250 000 members and we are so Close guys so make sure you come over There and invite invite invite and once We hit that number we will be doing a Giveaway in the group I don't know what We're going to give away but we're going To give away something it could be a Laptop computer could be a keyboard a Mouse pad could be a two chicks with a Side hustle a mug a coffee mug just Never know what we're gonna pull out of Our hats and last but not least make Sure you follow us on Instagram and on Twitter now we have a giveaway going on On Twitter once we reach 10 I mean on Instagram so excited once we reach 10 000 followers now on Instagram guys we Are maybe like close to 9 800 so less Than maybe 300 people right now less Than 300 maybe around 250 260. so that Is not a lot and we are so close and we

Will get there so once we reach 10 000 Followers on Instagram which is two Chicks with the size so be sure to Follow us so you can win a prize you Never know you never know what we're Gonna give away we recently gave away Two hundred dollars worth of gift cards A couple of weeks ago on Instagram it Was a pop-up giveaway so make sure that You guys come over there and make sure You share tag a friend tell a friend you Can also create a story or a reel and Put us in the story tag us to the story Or to the real my name is Carl and I Will catch you wonderful lovely amazing People on the next video bye Bye YouTube

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