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Hi everyone it's Suzanne happy Wednesday Today I have a chat customer service Consultant with the company Wayfair now This is going to be a no phone job no Talking on the phone so if you're an Introvert or if you're someone who just Has kids playing in the background and You can't talk on the phone or for Whatever reason you just don't want to Talk on the phone this is going to be a Good option for you so they're looking For someone it says here a four hour Shift 10 hour shift or day shift those Must be just different options it is a Fully remote job and the pay on indeed's Estimated salary guide is between 27 and Thirty four thousand dollars per year Under the full job description you are Going to be a digital service consultant Slash mobile messaging they're currently Hiring in the Mountain Standard Time Zone I'm not sure if that means you have To be able to work Mountain Time Zone Hours or if you actually have to live in The Mountain Time Zone so you'll want to Check into that so this this is with Wayfair and at Wayfair they care about Their customers they have award-winning Customer service team that balances Technology and human empathy to build Customer trust and loyalty from the time Their customers place an order with Wayfair through delivery to their home The team Works to make it easier than

Ever to shop for the home the customer Service Team Works proactively in a Fast-paced environment to monitor Customer orders and ensure seamless Delivery to the customer in the event a Customer should contact the support team Via phone email chat mobile messaging or Other ways they empower the customer Service team to resolve the issue now Don't worry this job does say it is Specifically for a chat agent so I know They mentioned phone but this is not That job so over the past seven months Teams from across the service org have Been investing in the future of their Newest customer service Channel mobile Messaging they've been interacting with Customers Via SMS which is also text Messaging developing and refining their Processes reinforcing the stability of The tech platform and preparing for your Arrival Should you join should you choose to Join the team you're joining an Incredibly exciting team as they Continue to invest in the platform you Each bring will bring unique Perspectives and experience to the Mobile messaging Channel working closely Within your teams across the site and With the cross-functional teams you will All lead the way in refining the Approach to connecting with customers When and where they were would like to

Speak to us their current hours of Operation are 8 AM to 8 P.M Eastern Monday through Saturday and 9 to 6 Eastern on Sunday so a little bit of a Discrepancy on the time zone there so You'll definitely want to inquire about That if you get selected for an Interview to find out exactly what the Hours are going to be so what you'll do Troubleshoot and resolve customer Service inquiries while building a Relationship with the customer provide Service to customers on multiple Channels at first both chat and mobile Messaging to provide assistance with Post-order issues such as returns Replacements refunds delivery status Back order inquiries and any other Issues that arise exceed customer Satisfaction continuously look for areas Of improvement and communicate Trends And customer calls to leadership Simultaneously navigate multiple Software applications demonstrate Conflict management skills and Demonstrate excellent verbal and written Communication using multiple channels And platforms so what you will need what They would like you to have is previous Chat experience is highly preferred so If you have that make sure that is Listed on your resume in your experience Section as well as in your skills in Good standing with talent management

Recommended by current manager strong Problem solving skills excellent Relationship passion for helping others Successful track record regular Attendance equivalent customer facing Work experience excellent communication And strong typing and multitasking Skills preferred So here's a little bit more about the Schedule they offer various schedules it Will be a combination of four 10 hour Shifts and will offer consecutive days Off if selected you'll have the Opportunity to select preferred Schedules and your final schedule will Be assigned at the offer stage based on Availability All right so let me look through the Rest of this I'm going to go ahead and Put the link down in the description Actually put the instructions on how to Apply down in the description you can Read through all of this it's just Simply stuff about the company so again If you're interested check down in that Description and I will see you all in The next video good luck guys

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