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What's up two chicks fam it is me curl And I am back with a skip the interview Non-phone work whenever you want easy Peasy side hustle egg so make sure Everybody listening to the video make Sure you get this one in your basket Remember to subscribe like and share We're giving away 10 more brand new Laptop computers they are absolutely Free tell a friend go spread the word Come back share the video and leave us a Comment down below don't forget to check Out the videos that were posted on the Channel today if you are looking for Non-phone jobs we do have a non blog and we did talk About guys four chat jobs some of these Are no experience from the live stream On Sunday make sure you guys go back and Check out their live stream also guys Make sure you join our group it is kiss That cubicle goodbye we are doing Another giveaway guys over on the group In the group Facebook group make sure You join and don't forget to hop over to The two chicks with the side Blog look under the spotlight job Section and apply for Omni interactions Make sure you sign up for Branded Surveys this is another easy peasy side Hustle egg the link is down below in the Comment section let's jump into the Video so the company is called one Forma They are looking to feel this internet

Judging easy peasy side hustle position So it says that we are currently looking For long-term participants for our new Project and the project is called light Speed if you are familiar with our Milky Way project this is the next logical Step to conquer the universe during this Search engine evaluation project Participants will evaluate unique tasks Made by other users to be successful This project is accompanied by different Tests and certifications to help you on Your way it says that the entries to Evaluate will be varied natured from User into chance to authentication of Data accuracy now the purpose thanks to This project we will help develop and Optimize current and future map and Geo Localization applications to produce More accurate and intuitive maps in Terms of location search functions and More now if you are based in one of These countries then you can participate In this side hustle I do see United Kingdom Australia India Ireland Canada Singapore Chile Germany France Mexico Taiwan Hong Kong Japan and of course the U.S now I do see here that we will pay Per hour so that is a great thing you Will receive full support and guidance From our team including welcome calls And daily Communications this project is Long-term please ensure that you can Commit before applying so this one guys

They do want you to be able to work or Available to work for at least 20 hours Per week your schedule will be totally Flexible so you decide when to work make Sure you guys Do some research on the company even Though it skipped the interview you Still need to know who you work for I Will be sure to put a link right below The video in the description box so you Guys can check out one Forma make sure You guys share share share again sharing Is caring on this YouTube channel we are Trying to give away these 10 laptops and They are free hop on over to Facebook Join the group again kiss that cubicle Goodbye we're doing another giveaway Over on Facebook actually we're doing Two giveaways because in the group we're Gonna give something away once we reach 250 000 members and on the Facebook Business page once we reach a hundred Thousand followers so follow us two Chicks with a side hustle also follow us On Instagram it is also two chicks with A side hustle we got another giveaway Going on on the Instagram platform once We reach 10K so you guys can go to all The platforms and start sharing in the Group you can invite invite and invite Make sure guys that you leave us coming Somewhere now for the group you don't Have to leave a comment you can just Invite and we can see on the back end

Who has invited the most people so make Sure you guys do that again it is kiss That cubicle goodbye on Facebook two Chicks with a side hustle on Facebook And also two chicks with the side hustle On Instagram my name is Carl I'll catch You wonderful lovely amazing people in The next video bye YouTube [Music]

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