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Happy Friday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job these Are online typing jobs at home you can Make anywhere between 960 to a thousand 120 per week just typing they're doing Daily entry and remember that this Channel is all about none phone work at Home job leads that go out every single Day at 7 A.M such a standard time so Make for sure that you're watching the Videos all the way through because there Are valuable information to help you get Closer to Landing a first second third Job even East Side hustle so let's go Ahead and dive right into the job now We're talking about the company material Innovation Um there are currently hiring Development coordinators to work from Home again this is a full-time position When you scroll down it states the Salary here just scrolling down and Looking at the salary here the salary is Between fifty thousand to sixty thousand A year and that is between 24 to 28 Dollars per hour and when you do your Math that's how I came up with 960 to a Thousand one hundred twenty per week Okay okay now basically about this job Here basically when you go up a little Further it has a lot of Duties but You're going to oversee and perform Regular data entry until the Organization donor CRM systems you're

Going to also ensure the donor's Newsletter which is The Insider Subscribers list is accurate and up to Date And then you're gonna also what they're Looking for is someone that is a problem Solver proactive and detailed organ and Also when you scroll down here there is A limit on applications the application Deadline the rolling basis with a Prefers for onboarding in February 2023 So they're looking for someone to start On that day so you need to go ahead and Hurry up and apply for the job now we're Going to go ahead and dissect the job a Little bit more and see about what You're going to be doing when you go up Here As a development coordinator you will Support their development team and on The administrative process of their Three primary fundraiser programs Leadership given that's major Greek Gifts and your campaign and corporate And Foundation Grant seeking the Development coordinate will work closely With the chief development officer other Members of the development department And the finance team in all development And fundraising Endeavors to ensure the Department runs smoothly and donors are Stored properly okay now when you go Down a little bit further There are looking for someone to conduct

Research on an as needed basis for Development team members to best Implement the Department's priorities And to prepare for Anya's appeals in Future campaigns you're going to be Responsible for running the reports Necessary for the database as as Requested by the team including but not Limited to assisting with the Department's metrics tracking okay now When you go down a little bit further Here are some more things that you're Going to be doing here and she's going To support with any other tasks the Development team may need assistant with As agreed upon and then they have other Things you will be assisting in the CDO And making the best use of the personnel And team efficiency and then you're Going to participate in all platforms of Communication most the communication is Email slash Google Drive and again You're not going to be dealing with Forms I always reach out to hire Managers to make for sure and then You're going to participate in at least One-on-one students per week with the CDO to prioritize based on a full or Part-time schedule align and execute on Task please note these meetings will be The COO until the CDO is importing and You're going to participate in Development and all team meetings okay Now what they're looking for again is

Someone that has previous experience Organized and coordinating teams it's a Plus again don't disqualify yourself Still apply for the job excellent Research skills and an understanding of How all the development pieces fit Together into the largest puzzles and Comfortable working remotely in a Growing and evolving organization okay Now if this sounds like something that You're able to do what you need to do to Apply for this job is you're going to Submit your resume and cover letter Making sure you have both to this email Address with the subject development Coordinator please also specify where You found this job description you are Welcome to use real work from home home Jobs with wrestler or you can put in the Rest of sweat resumes and cover letters Will be Active so making sure you put Um you know you don't have to put your You have to put your name and the Education institution you do not have to Really do that but if you're interested In applying for this job make sure you Go ahead and send your email Um your resume to them again they're Looking to abort somebody on starting in February so you have plenty of time to Go ahead and apply for this job okay now I'm gonna leave some encouragement words With you is

Don't disqualify yourself before you Apply for these jobs let the company do It 2023 is right around the corner y'all Um it just seemed like Only Yesterday When 2022 just came in but now it is 2023 which is a new year you want to go Into this new year with a different Mindset too many times people go into a Mindset of negativity I want you to Speak life over yourself more you know In anything in life when you're applying For the jobs never speak negativity or Disencourage yourself and say look I'm Not capable of getting this job I'm not Capable of doing this job because the Power of the tongue determines life and Death I want you to be able to surround Yourself around people that has your Best interests meaning if you're going To go and tell them about hey I'm going To file another job I want to better Myself hey go ahead and do it that's What you need to do you need to put Yourself around more positive people a Lot of people speak negative activity You know why it's because all they see In life is negativity people whether It's coming from their spouse their Children their family members co-workers Whatever the case may be and that's why A lot of people are so negative every Time when you say something well how are You doing today what's so good about Today is that they've never been around

Positive people and that's why I try to Make my YouTube channel around Positive Vibes because a lot of people come to This YouTube channel some people are up And down they had a bad day and by me Just speaking life over you that helps You get to the next day okay people are Going through things in the world and People need to watch what they say a lot Of people have a mouth where they just Speak what they have on their mouth and My mother raised me is if you don't have Nothing good to say or if you can't say Nothing good then shut up and be quiet And a lot of people are not raised like That there's no offense to anybody People just speaks what's on their mind They don't know what people went through That day you need to start encouraging One another that's what we need in the World is more people encouraging people Speaking life and I'm speaking life over You that you got to keep pushing you got To keep applying don't give up there is A job out there with your name on it but Again it starts with you you have to Believe if you don't believe in yourself Nobody else will okay so go out there Today I don't care if you've been Rejected a hundred times a thousand Times or ten thousand times go out there And apply for these jobs just because You don't get a job offer that doesn't Mean that it is a scam so many people

Are so quick when they fill out an Application oh it's a scam Like I've said and I've done a post I do Not post fake jobs I never will I never Had I've been working from home ever Since 2007 and I ran across a lot of Scams and I know the ins and out of Working from home and I do research and Reach out to these companies so you Won't experience this scam like I did in The past okay I didn't have nobody to do That for me I had to go through trial And error in order to understand and Figure that out and then I'm bringing This to you so I'm directing you to Companies that are legitimate but some People think because they apply for a Job oh it has to be a scam Um is is these jobs working these jobs Are real y'all it is real but you gotta Understand that more and more people are Looking for work from home jobs a lot of People do not want to go back on site They have fallen in love with remote Life so it's more and more people that Are applying for work from home jobs so What you have to do is you have to do Everything you can to stand out from the Crowd May for sure your resume is Tailored to each job that you're Applying for and I'm going to say this Also watch out for your social media Platform if you are posting pictures That you shouldn't be are you talking

Language A language that you should be talking Hire managers will come and look at that When they are interested in hiring you And they don't care if you have the Experience all the experience in the World all the degrees if you're what you Posted on social media platform is not Lined up with company values they will Not call you or invite you for an Interview okay so be mindful of what you Post it doesn't matter if you post that You're going on vacation or you just got A new Um house co-workers will go and tell on You and show those pictures to your um Hiring managers or a boss and they look At that and say look this person doing Really good they don't need this job so They'll go and find ways to get rid of You and fire you so you won't have that Job so I'm just telling you from Experience be careful what you uh post On social media platform because if hire Manager interested in you they will go And um found you on social media Platform okay and I always Um since this is a data entry job make Sure you go and practice your typing Skills and is Free you can check your 10 key test by Clicking here and you can practice your Typing skills which is data entry and Get them up where they need to get and I

Just want to again talk about a side Hustle side gig opportunity again coming Into 2023 You need to have a backup plan it all Means necessary I believe in multiple Strains of income I believe in eight Um I am going to start giving you more Side hustle side gig opportunities are 1099 jobs out there but so you can make That extra cash and have multiple Strains of income as you can see on the Screen that's flashing these are low Content books and for those who don't Know what low content books are these Are journals log books Diaries and more If you do your research people are Making passive income people make it Anywhere between a thousand to ten Thousand eight months creating low Content books and you can do the same But you got to realize is you got to put In the work what come easy won't last And what lasts won't come easy so when You scroll down here the great thing About bookboat is that you could always Research the product before you actually Make it just to see if it's selling as Well as you can spy on your competitors And see what kind of keywords they're Using and you can Implement those in Your titles and descriptions not to copy But to be expired okay now when you go Down a little bit further bookboat has Upgraded they have a cover craters

Interior designs drag and drop editors Complete customization over a thousand Two hundred plus free fonts more than One million royalties free image pattern Scalables designs filter and much more And again you're able to make puzzle Books activities coloring books 100 of Low Interiors where you can mix and Match Interiors to create unique books For your audience and yes people buy Those anytime you're talking about a Business plan you know you have to be a Risk taker people that are Risk Takers Are the ones that are moving up okay I Am not just talking to talk I'm walking The walk I do Book boat too I do puzzle Books I do coloring books okay so um I Am trying to make passive income to have Multiple strains of income and I'm Trying to Give you pointers and suggestions so you Get out there and do the same thing I Believe the prices are very affordable It's 9.99 per month if you choose that One are they for newbies they have 19.99 Per month for pro and um the only Difference is with the pro you're Getting the poser creation software Included but if you use my coupon code Which is the rest of sweat all in lower Case you'll receive 20 off the 9.99 per Month and that is Lifetime that is Forever or if you choose the 1999 per Month you'll get 20 off of that again

That is Lifetime that's forever the good Thing about this is you could try it out For three days for free and see if you Like it and I guarantee you're gonna Like it okay all that information my um Coupon code sorry about that it's in the YouTube description bar again you have To be a risk taker you cannot complain About the situation if you don't take The first step use the job that you have As a crutch to invest in yourself the More you know the more you go so the More you grow and knowledge is power Okay I don't want to see anybody Struggling this year or coming in 2023 It's no excuse because I'm giving you The information on what you need to do To get from point A to point Z but again You got to use the twos that I've given You to take you to the next step okay There are many opportunities out there That you can do and be a hustler and Make this money out here is money to be Made but you got to take the step you Cannot procrastinate too many times People sit back and they procrastinate Well I start in two months or I start Next year this very second is not Promised to you you have to get out There and take action go ahead and sign Up soon as you sign up today you will go Ahead and start making passive income Today so make sure you check this out You know I had and everything like that

This is a great easy opportunity you can Work in the United States as well as you Can be out of the United States you do Not have to have any experience to do This job a Elementary student can do This anybody can do this so go ahead and Sign up today remember my channel is all About none phone work at home job these That go out every single day at 7 A.M Central Standard Time Make for sure that you're watching these Videos all the way through because there Are valuable information in every single One of my videos to help you get closer To Landing your first second third job Even a side hustle consider subscribing To the channel by clicking that red Button that says subscribe and don't Forget to click on the Bell to turn on All your notifications why when I upload New videos that will give you plenty of Opportunity to go ahead and apply before These jobs are no longer available two When I go YouTube live You'll be able to chat with me on a live Stream okay so make sure you have your Notification turned on if you would like To support the channel click the join Button there is a short video explaining The benefits of becoming a member of the YouTube channel shout out to everyone That is a already a member of the YouTube channel I really appreciate you Making sure you check out the community

Tab that is where I engage with you when I upload new videos I posted in there When I do pose when I do quotes when I Give you information I post it in there Okay so make sure you take advantage of The community Tab and remember keep Pushing keep applying don't give up There is a job out there with your name On it so go out there today and grab What is yours by applying for these jobs Speak Life over yourself the power of The tongue determines life of death you Got this I believe in you and but you Have to believe in yourself thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video

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