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What's up two chicks fam happy Tuesday It's me Carl and I am back with a Non-phone work from home job where you Guys can get paid to post payments but Before I jump into the video make sure You guys subscribe like and share Because on this YouTube channel not only Do we talk about legit work from home Jobs side gigs and side hustles we also Do live streams and we give away laptops So if you want to win take my video go Share it with a friend post it on your Social media platforms Facebook LinkedIn But don't forget to come back and leave Us a comment now we dropped a lot of Videos on the channel yesterday and if You missed out make sure you guys go Back check out that daily pay and also Check out that non-phone work whenever You want work from home job don't forget About tellers they are posted on the two Chicks blog look on the home page scroll Down where it says the recruiter reached Out the Raider position is now open let Us know in the comments what type of Work from home job you are looking for And be sure guys to sign up for Branded Surveys the link is in the comments Let's jump in so this company is called Mindful Health Solutions and they have Their payment posting specialist work From home position it is now open so it Says here as a member of the revenue Cycle team you will drive speed to

Payment and improved Revenue yield by Ensuring all claims are received by the Payers timely and accurately your Efforts will help TMS Health Solutions Continue to build a world-class revenue Cycle to succeed you will need to be a Master of organization with strong Attention to detail your drive to exceed Performance expectations will contribute To an efficient revenue cycle and Reduction of billing denials now the Payment posting specialist is Responsible for timely and accurate Posting of payments denials and also Adjustments this position will serve as The point of for payment posting and Intake of payments by accepting and Processing billing statements and Conducting audits for billing cycle the Payment the posting payment specialist Must be able to keep accurate electronic And paper records maintain accurate Billing processes and must be able to Work with a high volume of work while Maintaining attention to detail and also Accuracy as a specialist be able to Contribute to every stage of revenue Cycle from claim submission to denial Management to payment post and review And also reporting process and follow-up On insurance claims and denials for Private and government insurance Reimbursement understand pay your issues Identify billing patterns and work with

Management to develop resolution to Issues Provide support to various Internal departments regarding the Billing issues assist the patients and Their families with the billing Questions concerns and respond promptly To Bill inquiries via the telephone Email cases as well as internal chat Accurately document patient records with Follow-up activity and issues as they Occur now I do see here guys the pay Range of 25 to 28 dollars an hour the Qualifications they do have a list of Them high school diploma or equivalent Required a bachelor's degree guys it is Desired however it is not required if You have these qualifications without a Degree I would suggest to go ahead on And apply what is the worst they can say No and we've heard that a thousand times So prior experience in medical billing And insurance follow-up reimbursement a Minimum of three plus years basic Comfort level with internet and MS Office environments word excel Outlook Required knowledge of patient billing Terminology collections as well as Government regulations working knowledge Of CPT and icd-10-cm codes and Electronic claim filing highly organized With strong attention to detail ability To problem solve and identify billing Trends and also patterns ability to Manage multiple assignments and balance

The workload independently strong Communication skills ability to learn Attentively and to communicate clearly And effectively must be a Dependable Team player with a positive attitude a High degree of Drive initiative and Follow through Um next-gen software experience this is A plus and this is a remote opportunity So again guys the company is called Mindful Health Solutions this is a Full-time work from home job the pay is 25 to 28 an hour and you will be posting Different type of payments it could be Denials it could be Um insurance payments just different Types of payments and this sounds like a Health care company make sure you guys Go over to Google do some research just In case you apply and you get an Interview make sure you know something About this company because you want to Be prepared and not surprised now I will Be sure to leave a link right below the Video in the description box so you guys Can check out this company make sure you Share my video somebody out there guys Is looking for a job such as this one And you never know you just might be Helping that person out don't forget to Come back though and leave us a comment Hop over to Facebook make sure you guys Join kids that Cube so goodbye make sure You guys follow us on our other social

Media platforms we do have a Facebook Business page and we also have an Instagram and a Twitter two chicks with A side hustle don't forget guys we are Doing a ton of giveaways this year so Make sure that you are following liking And sharing but most importantly make Sure you guys come back and leave us That comment in the comment section my Name is Carl and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people on the Next video Bye YouTube

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