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Hello hello welcome back to my Channel Or if it's your first time and you're New here welcome my name is CeCe I post These jobs daily to help you switch from An in-office job to a remote work from Home lifestyle so if you're looking to Start working from home you need a Little help click that red subscribe Button below and let me help you for Free CVS health is currently offering This work from home remote job role it Is an Loa call center lead fully remote In the HR department you are accountable For the delivery of outstanding absence Management and related colleague Services through team management Education development development and Motivation of the CVS Health call center Team so what I'm going to do is skim Through because there's a lot here I Just want to keep it brief I want to Give you an overview and the rest you Guys can go back on your own time if you Think it's a better match so you will Directly supervise a team of 20 to 25 Call center reps support the call center Manager Enterprise absence management And a delivery model that reflects Empathy and care for the colleagues Reviewing partner with quality assurance Specialists to identify where you can Improve the training ensure the call Center is meeting or exceeding call Center metrics resolve the tier 2 and

Tier 3 escalation so if a call center Rep doesn't know what to do it'll get Escalated and it's up to you with a Little more knowledge to resolve it Recommend to the management team Programs and practices to enhance and Reduce costs and make sure that the Support center is leading with Excellence assist call center reps with The escalated issues collaborate with Other call center leads and call center Managers to attend meetings and resolve High-level leave issues work with the Call center manager and absence Management to manage the workload and Staffing and provide mentoring and Coaching and support to develop the call Center reps to be successful in this Role you'll need knowledge of call Center applications a strong commitment To customer service you can work Independently and a part of a team Excellent written verbal and listening Skills a demonstrated ability to Maintain work in confidence and to Problem solve and apply critical Thinking you have strong organizational And data entry skills a high attention To detail you can plan and prioritize Workloads a demonstrated ability to Think strategically and creatively you Have the ability to consistently and Efficient efficiently follow through on Problems proficient in Microsoft Office

You can multitask and regular and Predictable attendance of course is Required the typical pay range could be Anywhere between forty thousand to 83 Depending on your geographical location The skills and qualifications you Possess Etc but also it really comes Down to how much you haggle so you are Allowed to request a specific salary Range that you also think that you are Worth in any single job and a lot of People don't know this so it's always Good to ask for more and then they can Meet you in the middle somewhere Hopefully where it is comfortable for You the required qualifications three Plus years of FMLA State lead and Disability HR experience three years of Call center experience and one as a team Lead of course the preferred Qualifications we kind of went through This above with what you need so I'm not Going to repeat all of this you need to Verifiable high school diploma or GED For sure but it's his bachelor's degree Preferred however you do not need that I Know CVS health is a great company to Work for they pay very well and they are Pretty understanding too and a lot of Circumstances that might pop up so if You would like the link to apply for This job you can find it on my website And that will be accessible in the Description box below to you if this one

Was not for you but you know a friend Who would benefit from it definitely Share it with them and on my screen are To other job leads for you that will Help you and you know you might have the Proper skills and qualifications for Those so check those out too you can Click my face to subscribe and I will Talk to you in my next video bye

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