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Happy Wednesday everyone I am back with Another company that's urgent hiring and You can make a thousand two hundred for Two a thousand two hundred forty per Week this is a work from home job 2023 And this is a known non-foam Work-at-home job lead that I would like To share with you I want to go ahead and Share this job with you because this job Do not last that long and remember Um if you go across a job and it's no Longer available don't get in panic mode Um explore within the company there is Other work from home jobs that can be a Good fit for you as well so we're Talking about the company as you can see On the screen chick assault National Industrials they're currently seeking Human Resource Assistance to work from Home again this is a full-time position And when you scroll down there is no Degree that it's required it only Requires a high school diploma in at Least three years of related experience In our training or equivalent Combination of Education experience and They do want you to have Um you must have the ability to obtain a Public Trust clearancy and according to Glass door the pay is 31 an hour it Could be more depending on your Experience again you can always Negotiate your salary at any time so When we go more into details about what

You're going to be doing actually on This job here is you're going to assist With onboarding uh selective to include The preparation of suitable package Security checks and also final job Offers encoding of appointments and Actions you can also support rural Development backlogs of files and Documents by scanning and uploading HR Documents and files you can also verify And scan employee work folders to eopf May need to be physical in office so When I did reach out to hire manager you Know that I always reach out to hiring Manager because I want to know if I have Any questions and when it says may need To be physically in office so I reached Out to the hire manager and they said This you don't have have to go into the Office you can still do this virtual Okay I repeat I know that when you see This where it says verify and scans Employee work folders to EOP may need to Be physically in office I reached out to Hire manager about this courses and they Said that you do not have to do this Part you'll be working from home okay Now scans backlog SF 52s employee Documents certificate of investigation And onboarding documents to eopf and Then you're going to also develop eopf Clean up approach to include scanning Provide quality assurance and uploads to Eopf as well as you can understand

African official job offers a note to EOD date and SharePoint request And then you're going to review SharePoint requests to ensure customers Upload required documentation retrieve And maintain the status of recruitment Actions within RDS HR SharePoint Workload Management Systems okay and Then when you go down a little bit Further here again you must be able to Obtain a public trust clearancy U.S Citizen green card only due to Government and our federal requirements They want you to have U.S staffing Experiences desirable that means if you Have it that's great if you don't Understand it use Google as your friend To research these things before you Disqualify yourself you must have Experience processing Personnel actions In the Empower HR National Finance Center Personnel payroll system and eopf There's tons of videos that show you how To do that work in knowledge of Automatic HR process again experience With basic Federal human resource Tech Terminology regulations operations Seizure requirements and operation Knowledge of human resource Administrative practice and systems such As word processing records Management Schedule time management payroll again Google it there's different videos that Will show you how to do it and then they

Want you to also know Microsoft Windows Office Word Excel Outlook PowerPoint Microsoft 365 training is a free place Where you can go and learn this for free They're looking for someone that has Extra communication skills verbal Written and presentation ability work And communicate effective with Management co-workers and external Contact you may be reaching out a little Bit on the phones contacting a different Office but again it is not a call center At all okay and then you're going to Have the ability to handle sensitive Information with discretion and maintain Confidential you're going to have these You must be detail ordered with ability To organize work set priorities and Handle multiple projects now if this is Something that you're in interested in Make sure you go ahead and apply today By clicking here and remember if you Come across this job and it's not Available don't get in panic mode what You need to do is explore within the Company and see if there's any other Remote jobs that will be a good fit for You because these jobs move very quickly There's a lot of people that are Applying for these jobs but just because There's a lot of people applying for the Jobs that don't mean you won't get it You have to Um stop procrastinate and go ahead and

Apply for this job immediately okay Before they're no longer available now If this video has been helpful thus far I want you to give this video a thumbs Up and I also want you to be a part of The family by subscriber to the channel By hitting that red button that says Subscribe and don't forget to click on The Bell to turn on all notifications so Every time I upload new videos you'll be Notified and when I go YouTube live you Will also be notified as well okay and I Want to leave some encouragement words With you because that's what we need Y'all we need more positive vibes in This world today Is always say look life is like a roller Coaster one minute you up the next Minute you're down things happen to the Good people you know people that are Good seem like they go through more Things in life than folks that are are Not good but the storm through the storm The Sun is going to shine again I keep Telling you is that you got to speak Life over yourself because the power of The tongue determines life and death if You say you can't guess what you can't But if you say you can you gonna do it You know you can do all things through Christ Jesus that strengthen you but you Gotta believe faith without works is Dead you got to keep applying I don't Care if you gotta apply for multiple

Positions that is what you got to do is You gotta plant a seed if I have a Packet of seeds in my hand and I want to Grow whatever a zucchini or squash if I Don't take action in tilt the ground and Put the seeds in the ground and water it I would never have a zucchini or squash And that's the same thing about jobs if You never go out there and apply for a Job you're not going to have any job Offers if you apply for one job you Gotta apply for multiple positions in Order to make it worthwhile that means You may have to apply for 10 jobs in one Day 20 jobs in one day and yes you may Have to tailor your resume to each job That you're applying for because that is The only way it's going to make it Through the ATS system as well as when It gets into a hire manager they're Looking for these things that's why I Suggest you to go to my live work from Home q a where I did live resume reviews It was a great presentation where I walk You through how to optimize and tailor Your resume to the job post I will be Doing more live work from home q a Resume reviews coming up pretty soon Each month so go check that out today And you just got to keep pushing keep Applying don't give up there is a job Out there being made for you but it Starts with you you gotta believe if you Don't believe in yourself nobody else

Will so I want you to go out there today Not tomorrow not next week but today Right now right now and go out there and Apply for these jobs go out there and Get what is yours take back what is Taken from you and go out here and apply For these jobs and Speak Life over you Stop disqualifying yourself before you Apply for these jobs let the company do It okay I believe in you keep pushing You got this surround yourself around Positive people that have your best Interest because jealousy is real Jealousy is contagious don't listen to Naysayers don't listen to haters you go Out there and apply for these jobs okay Um you know that I always talk about Having a multiple strains of income And a lot of y'all been wanting to go Back to school and you just don't know How to go back to school because it has Been Um kind of pricey these days you know Going back to school but I have found a Place where you can go for um a Reasonable price in order to go back to School we all know that Tech sales is High in demand and I talk about course Careers tax sales is the place to be if You ever thought about getting to Tech Sales this is an opportunity to do so Along with digital marketing and Information technology is people that's Coming out making anywhere between 60 to

120k per year before they actually Finish this course and this course is Very self-paced online it takes you Anywhere between a month to three months Doing this it just depends on how much Time you put into it and again it is With course careers no experience no Degree Um they drop that they have partnered With different Fortune 500 companies That will hire you to entry level Position dropping the degree and Experience only for course careers Graduates and again they have technology Sales that's high demand more than 300 000 opening jobs average starting salary Is between 60 and 80k a year you're on The phone with that you're reaching out To potential buyers that are interested In buying buying your product digital Marketing there's more than 200 000 Opening jobs average starting salaries Between 40 and 60k a year you're not on The phone this is more up dealing with Paid campaign blogs websites Information Technology more than 200 000 opening Jobs average starting salary is between 40 and 60k a year and to get an Understanding of it is more of a chat Job you're not on the phone and then I Suggest you to go look at the Testimonies and seeing what other people Have to say these people went through The course and they're speaking good

About course careers hard work is she Going to start a free intro course in The intro course is going to tell you Everything you need to know about Digital marketing information technology And text sales at that time you should Be able to know if it's a good fit if It's a good fit stop procrastinate stop Talking yourself out of doing this Enroll in the course again the course Itself Pace you can complete the course In a few weeks to a couple months it Just depends on how much time you commit You will learn everything required to Land your first position You could start your career you can Start applying the skills you acquire From the course in a new career they Would teach you exactly how to land an Entry-level position through Insider Knowledge of how to to apply to Companies what they look for in resumes Applications how to interview and so Much more they have partnered directly With companies that want to hire their Students again dropping a degree in Experience requirement for the graduates And we're going to go and show you how It works okay so I'm gonna go up here And I'm gonna click on text cells learn More when you go here it tells you some Of the companies that text that will Hire you in the tech sales as you can See scrolling here and Survey Monkey

Zoom article different places and it Talks about when you go scroll down a Little bit a day in the life of a text Sales you're going to respond to emails And checking calendars research Companies and adding a new Prospect You're going to be making phone calls to People in your Outreach and then when You go down a little bit further here it Talks about the course and who is this Core course for your qualifications and Your background and it also talks about What you learn in the course like sales Basis sales skills sales technology Sales process interview prep and then Here are some more testimonies for Graduates that went through the course If this don't get you pumped up then I Don't know what will and then when you Go down here this is what you've been Waiting for again the free introduction Course is free and it is just only a One-time payment of 499 dollars y'all You cannot go to a university a trade School let alone a community college and Pay 499 for the whole course Um usually you're out of 50 anywhere Between 50 50 to 100K but here you pay 499 dollars in one time payment fee if You use my coupon code which is the rest Of 50 you would get 50 out to 499 And there's no contract or hidden fees Along with a 14-day money-back guarantee You can also choose a four payment plan

Every two weeks of a hundred and fifty Dollars again no contract or hitting Fees along with a 14-day money-back Guarantee so if you ever wanted to go Back to school to be a common Tech sales Digital marketing or information Technology this is your opportunity to Start procrastinating once you sign up Today you can actually go start taking The course today people have received Job offers before they completed the Course and you can do it too you got to Realize what come easy won't last and What last will come easy you got to put In the work okay to make this happen Here so remember I want you to check out that video where I went live on April the 4th 2020 Through April the 4th 2023 where it was A YouTube live where I did a work from Home q a and I did live resume reviews In that video I walk you through step by Step of how to optimize your resume and Tailor your resume and I gave you five Resume mistakes that you need to avoid That I got from hiring managers in Recruiters but especially hire managers Go check that out check out the video That's listed here at the top of the Bottom there are more no talk and work From home job leads to help you increase Your chances of receiving a job offer Remember to keep pushing keep applying Don't give up there is a job out there

Been made for you but it starts with you You gotta believe if you don't believe In yourself nobody else will so you go Out there today and grab what is yours By applying for these jobs thank you so Much for watching and I will see you in The next video bye

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