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What's up what's up welcome back to my Channel welcome back for another video And if it's your first time here welcome To the party my name is CeCe I post Videos like this daily to help you guys Out and I would love to have you as one Of my squad members so click that red Subscribe button below join the Community and never miss an upload Ari Enterprises based out of Nashville Tennessee is hiring a customer support Professional for 14 to 20 dollars per Hour we're looking at contracted meaning They will pay you out as a 10.99 and not A W-2 employee so you're doing some Freelance working of course the general Purpose is to answer incoming calls and Take orders answer inquiries and Questions handle complaints troubleshoot Problems and provide info since I've Stated that that's the general purpose We're going to kind of skim through the Tasks here but as you can see producing Complete call logs and reports document The info follow up process the orders Enter new customer info and update Existing customer info Etc everything we kind of discussed Prior you only need a high school Diploma or equivalent your proficient And relevant Computer Applications which Is usually word excel anything Microsoft Base you have required language Proficiency being fluent in English call

Center Telephony telephony I don't know and Technology knowledge of customer service Practices and principles good data entry And typing skills knowledge of admin and Clerical processes and experience in a Call center or customer service Environment now to the key competencies And skills verbal written communication Listening skills problem solving good Judgment adaptability teamwork resilient Stress tolerant you are customer service Customer service oriented and can Problem analysis and solve so very Straightforward to the point flexible Schedule paid training referral program Work from home 14 to 20 per hour and Here for the shifts it changes because Of the fact that it is a flexible Schedule so if you want the link to Apply to this job you can find it on my Website Linked In the description box Below if this one was not for you don't Fret on your screen or two other great Videos I've posted check those out you Might find a better match there for Those of y'all who slept on it and Didn't click that red subscribe button Before here's your chance my face is on The screen click that subscribe you'll Never miss an upload I love you guys so Much thank you for all the outpouring Love and support and I will talk to you Guys in my next video bye

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