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Hello what is up welcome back to my Channel and if it's your first time here Welcome my name is CeCe I post these job League videos daily to help you switch From working in an office to being able To work from home this is Staples as you Know Staples is a very popular I'm just Going to say office supply company but They also do more than just that so they Are looking for an e-commerce sales Support analyst remote it does say Available in seven locations and when You click it you can see there are basic Head States and then anywhere remote in The United States so you can work from Anywhere in the US the compensation is 19 per hour minimum the shift will be 8 Or 11 30 a.m to 8 00 p.m Eastern Standard Time you can watch a video here From some of the staff but what you will Be doing is maintain custom electronic Registration forms manage the day-to-day Manual user profile maintenance create And update basic bulletin boards create An updated ship to BCS POS and CSS setup Accessibility to clean up and manipulate Incoming customer data Staplesadvantage.com you'll be Troubleshooting shopping list issues Provide detailed analysis reports and Possess the ability to troubleshoot the Website so what they want you to bring High technical aptitude excellent Analytical problem solving you can meet

Team performance metrics work Independently strong customer service Skills excel in a fast-paced environment Exceptional organization written in Verbal oath attention to detail and the Ability to learn and utilize new tools What they want you to have basic is a High school diploma or a GED so no Degree and three plus years previous Related in a support or service role now What's needed preferred qualifications High level of Microsoft Office knowledge And a bachelor's degree however you do Not need if you have everything Supplemental they offer competitive pay Inclusive culture and full paid time off 112 hours and holiday schedule so very Straightforward if you would like the Link to apply to this job you can find It in the description box below if this One was not free you on your screen are Two other videos I've posted check those Out you might find a better match for Yourself there my face is on the screen Click it to subscribe so you never miss An upload and I will talk to you guys Later bye

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