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Hello hello welcome back to my channel And if it's your first time here welcome My name is CeCe I post these videos Daily to help you make a quick and easy Switch from an in-office job to a remote Work from home lifestyle in the coming New year I'm going to be switching up These videos of course still bringing You leads but just summarizing positions For you then sending you on your way to Apply because I don't think I need to Read and monologue every single detail So let me know in the comments below if That's something you would like me just Saying the main responsibility is our ABCD this is the rate of pay this is how You apply and then just a quick maybe Even one to two minute video not the Three four five minutes that I've been Doing so let me know what you think About that this company is growth cave They are based out of Austin Texas and They are hiring a remote executive Assistant to the CEO for the e-learning Company so they are looking for Obviously someone who is going to be That executive assistant you can learn Here about the information of their Business you will essentially be Overseeing the performance taking Minutes during meetings managing Executives calendar the workflow and Acting as a point of contact among Executives employees and clients and

External Partners the benefits are PTO Work from home Wellness Resources and Training and development and you need Work experience previously as a personal Assistant or executive assistant Discretion and you could be confidential Excellent verbal and written Communication skills and outstanding Organization and time management skills There isn't a rate of pay for this so What I recommend is getting your cover Letter and your resume ready to go and Obviously confirming during your Interview process the rate of pay but I'm thinking it's going to be anywhere Between 15 to 20 per hour when I was an Executive assistant I didn't have any Experience nor a degree and I was making 19 per hour so that is something to keep In mind but of course as listed you can Do this anywhere in the world so I Suggest that you guys apply from all Over it is full-time hours and of course You'll have to work out the logistics About those hours however something to Definitely consider if you would like The link to apply for this job of course You know where to find it my website and That will be in the description box Below if this one was not for you on Your screen are two other videos share One with a friend share both of the Friends share this one with a friend or Reply to all whatever it floats your

Boat my face is on the screen to Subscribe and I will talk to you in my Next video bye

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