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Hello hello welcome back to my channel And if it's your first time here welcome My name is CeCe I post these videos Daily to help you switch out of an Office job and start working from home So below this video is a red subscribe Button click that so you never miss an Upload and you can be one of the first People to get these leads so concentrix Is hiring for a customer service Ambassador there's a lot to get through Here so if I skim through it's because I Don't want to waste too much of your Time I want to keep the video brief so If I miss something that you really want To read of course you can go to the site On your own time and do so so we are Growing our team of customer service Ambassadors this is a great opportunity For you to build a fantastic customer Service career what you will do is Maintain acceptable production levels Provide details on discount Services Provide high level customer service and Empathy you must have a strong ability To ask probing questions to discover Their wants needs interests and you can Also deliver bad news and de-escalate Critical situations navigate multiple Systems participate in ongoing training Maintain an advanced knowledge of Procedures product info and resource Tools participate in activities maintain Regular attendance and punctuality and

Ensure that all quality targets are met And maintained so what they are looking For a six months to one year of solid Customer service experience high school Diploma or GED you can communicate with Customers you have a strong heart in Mind for service you know Excel Outlook Asynchronous tools comfortable on a Webcam utilize tools and resources to Efficiently Um Speak to the customers and be efficient With the customers you need to be able To articulate in a business Acumen Manner flexible with the hours open to Receptive feedback proactive and you can Cross-reference job AIDS so what is in It for you these are all the benefits There's a lot here but to sum it up work From home paid days off paid training Full benefits medical dental vision Networking events Wellness referral Bonuses and more so if you want to read A little more about the team here of Course you can and I didn't see a rate Of pay I don't believe so what I'm going To do is pop on the screen an estimate For you guys to help aid you in deciding If you want to pursue it or not so if You would like to check out this page Read more apply you can find the link to Do so on my website which will be Accessible to you in the description box Below now if this one wasn't for you on

Your screen are two other leads I've Posted check those out also because you Might find find a better match for Yourself there or more to apply to my Face is also on the screen you can click That to subscribe so you never miss an Upload and I will talk to you in my next Video bye

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