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What's up welcome back to my channel and If it's your first time here hello and Welcome this company is First Source and They have a great remote job that I'm Going to share with you today so it is The patient Financial Advocate full-time Entry level a great way to get hands-on Experience with plenty of opportunities To grow from within so we love that now Due to the nature of this position and Healthcare setting up-to-date Immunizations including covet are Required however it's remote so I'm not Sure if you do need to have that that is Something to note though and definitely Ask during the interview process the Hours are going to be Monday through Friday 8 A.M to 4 30 Eastern Standard Time you can read more about the company Here but let's just get into the duties Review the hospital census and utilize Referral method screen the patients that Are referred initiate the application Process identify specific patient needs And assist them provide the Transportation on the back end introduce Them to the services record the pair the Patient information Document everything review face-to-face Screen patients on site as able however I think that you since it is a remote Role will be more face timed if that Makes sense document the account other Duties as assigned so the additional

Responsibilities you can read here like I said in a previous video I don't just Want to monologue everything I kind of Want to give you a basic idea of what The job is and you can go and read on Your own just so I'm not like sitting on Camera for five minutes straight what do You need you need a high school diploma Or equivalent one to three years Experience with medical coding billing Eligibility previous customer service And you must have basic computer skills And the working conditions must be able To walk sit and stand for extended Periods of time the dress code may be Different at each Healthcare facility I Don't think this matters as it is remote And working on holidays or odd hours may Be required but you will get medical Dental 401k and PTO and as you can see Here it does say primary location Us Remote remote so anything that's on site Is voided if you would like the link to Apply for this job you can find it on my Website and that will be linked in the Description box box below if this one Was not for you on your screen are two Other videos you've also posted check Those out you might find a better match For yourself there click my face to Subscribe so you never miss an upload And I will talk to you in my next video Bye

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