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Hey hey two chicks fam it is me curl and I am back with a non-phone work whenever You want guys and this is an easy one Because you're just listening and typing What you hear the company will provide You guys with all of the equipment make Sure you guys subscribe like and share Because on this YouTube channel not only Do we talk about legit work from home Jobs side gigs and side hustles we also Guys give away laptop computers to you Guys just for sharing and showing our Appreciation so make sure you take the Video post it on your social media Platforms Facebook Instagram Twitter Tick Tock Snapchat and share it with a Friend come back leave us a comment down Below now we have posted a lot of videos The last few days on the channel so make Sure you guys go back check them out we Did post some non phone no interview Ones as well so check out these jobs so You guys won't miss out on anything be Sure to hop over to the two chicks blog On the home page make sure you apply for Tell us tell us has their none found no Interview Raider position available now So be sure to check it out let us know In the comments what type of job you're Looking for and don't forget to sign up For Branded surveys let's hop in so the Company is vitek and vitec is looking to Hire real-time captioners and it gives You all the information guys right on

Their website it says that vitec hires Highly skilled steno and voice voice Court reporters specialize in the Captioning live television so the Real-time captioner And they do have a person's name listed Here answer some of our most frequently Asked questions for those thinking about A captioning career with Vitex so they Did like a question and an answer I want To work for vitec as a real-time Captioner what can I do to improve my Chances so the answer is just as you Must have excellent skills and be well Versed in court procedures when applying For an official court reporting position And just as you must know the art of Freelance disposition reporting before Applying to a firm so too must you know The business of captioning what does That mean all above you must be able to Write and speak television the initial Round of the application process for a Remote position is submitting the first Run files from TV programs and reviewing These files we look for near perfect Translation because this your job as a Captioner to provide near perfect Translation of TV programming so it says What speed does a captioner use to send No need no less than graduation speed of 2 200 to 225 words per minute it says Can a student really be hired as a Captioner directly out of court

Reporting school yes but in most cases Graduates have applied for in-house Positions where we can match more Closely and provide intensive Technically sophisticated training do I Need to attend the vitech captioning Boot Camp or other training while a Captioning boot camp is not absolutely Necessary a record of attendance is a Plus when you apply for a captioning job It can help demonstrate what you Understand dictionary development and Management and then it says can I come To vitech for training unfortunately no Unless we've hired you to work for us What will you look for in the sample Files that I send near perfect verbatim Translation is what they're looking for Guys a tall order we know but that's the Job for which you're applying well read We'll reach your files word for word to Evaluate accuracy Theory compatibility Content comprehension dictionary Development ability to fingerspell and Other keys to professionalism word for Word reading is the standard process for Every inspiring or new captioner it is The only way to truly perfect your Translation reading every word Deciphering and diagnosing each era Resolving Theory issues to avoid the Same or similar errors in the future so This is a good job for someone that is Looking

For this type of position and it does Say right here guys equipment and Software does Vitex Supply them Vitex Provides its employees with all Necessary equipment and software now for This one there will be an interview I Did read it here we will set up a phone Or an in-person interview depending on Your location so from home of course it Would be from the phone so the company Again guys it is vitech they are looking To feel their remote Real-time captioner work from home Position and they will provide you guys With the equipment so we have this one Posted on the non-phone blog there will Be a link right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company make sure you go over To Google type in vitech to see what Comes up because just in case you guys Get an interview they might ask what do You know about our company and why do You want to work here so get some Reviews read some reviews from other People that may have work for this Company already ready jotted down on a Piece of paper just in case they email You and want to interview you for their Real-time captioner work from home Position make sure you share this Information with a friend or a family Member somebody out there is looking for A non-phone job such as this one don't

Forget to come back though and leave us That comment now I will have the link Posted right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out vitech also don't forget to hop over To Facebook make sure you join kiss that Cubicle goodbye and make sure you follow Us guys on our other social media Platforms because we do have a lot of Giveaways going on with this brand so we Have a two chicks with a side hustle of Facebook business page we also also have A Instagram and a Twitter two chicks With a side hustle follow us guys share The content leave us comments so that we Can put your name on the next giveaway List my name is Carl and I will catch You wonderful lovely amazing people on The next video bye YouTube

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