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Foreign [Music] Hi everybody welcome back I hope Everybody's doing good today I'm doing Great and back with another job for you Guys and this one right here is from the Company seesaw okay and they're Currently looking for a customer support Specialist this is a contractor job Available in the U.S and this is going To be a temporary contract position okay So let's go ahead and get into all the Details so training for this position Begins May 1st 2023 through June 2nd 2023 it's going to be about 30 hours a Week of training and you must be Available 40 hours a week from June 5th To the end of September 2023 pay rate Twenty dollars an hour and with this job Right here you're going to be quickly And effectively solving customer issues Through email from teachers schools and Parents to ensure that they are Successful in using seesaw you will Identify and escalate software Challenges or books to the team and You're going to learn the ins and outs Of their product to become a seesaw Expert you you will need to have deep Empathy and patience for teachers Schools and parents thrive in a Fast-paced working environment and two Plus years of customer support Experience preferably in education or

Education technology you do need to have Excellent writing and communication Skills and a desire to become an expert On their product also the ability to Investigate and resolve technical issues Quickly and be highly organized and Detail-oriented zendesk or similar Support tool experience is a plus okay So let's take a look at the application For this job the application isn't too Long but they are going to require you To answer a question so you will need to Use their website and their help center To answer a question and write a Thoughtful email response so of course If you're interested in applying for This job you already know the link is in The description bar for you make sure to Leave any questions or comments below You guys know that I wish you the best Of luck I thank you so much for watching And I'll see you guys in my next video

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