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Good morning it's Suzanne happy Monday Today I have a company that is always Hiring work from home positions this is The scitel group and I've gotten some Feedback from you some of you that you Have been hired through Sitel and what's Nice about them is they offer customer Service agent positions work from home And some of these are inbound calls some Jobs are online chat only and some are Answering emails so today the job that I'm going to focus on is a seasonal Online chat agent I'm going to give you The instructions to apply down in the Description and the link that I give you Is going to take you to this page now You can go directly to apply now or we Can go down here and look a little bit At the company now at scitel their work From home opportunities offer a flexible Work-like balance and allow you to earn Income while saving money and time on The commute so this is going to offer You a flexible schedule you're going to Be able to probably set some of your Schedule around the hours that work for You with scitel a global leader in Customer experience management you can Deliver exceptional experiences for the Clients customers all from the comfort Of your home if you want to learn more They do have a video here as well so Some of the benefits of the work from Home careers with our customer service

Jobs from home you'll benefit from Flexible schedules you can work either Full or part-time schedule so if you're A stay-at-home mom or you're a college Student and you can't work full-time you Can help work around those schedules With Sitel you're going to get work-life Balance because of that no commute and a Relaxed dress code because of course You're probably not going to be on Camera if you're doing an online chat or Answering an email from customers as the Scitel work from home virtual associate You will work with some of the world's Best Brands to support customers with Billing inquiries account or product Questions service orders installation Scheduling troubleshooting and more via Phone email chat and social media so not Every job requires you to talk on the Phone they have different types of Customer service jobs some email some Chat I know most of you like the no Phone job so that's why I'm going to Show you the one today calls are routed To your home office but don't worry They'll provide you with world-class Paid training to get you started so you Don't need a lot of experience in this Role because they're going to train you As with any job even if you have Experience in a job they're always going To train you because every company is Different and every job is different so

What equipment do you need you're going To bring your own computer click through Below to see if you and your technology Are ready to start the sitetel journey So they do have specific minimum specs That you have to have with your Computers in order to be up and running Desktop or laptop Windows 10 operation System all peripherals must be wired Meaning they don't want you going Through Wi-Fi they want you actually Plugged into the wall or into the Connection so that you have a nice Strong connection a separate 19-inch Monitor with 1280 by 10 24 minimum Resolution anti-virus software full Versions of Windows Defender or Essentials and if you're not sure what Type of headset you need they give you An approved USB headset here you can Just go on that link and see what you Need and you can go ahead and get that So that you can get started and then When you're ready to find that work from Home job we're going to click in here on This and if we scroll down here it's Going to give you the list of all of the Remote positions that they have open Currently and the one that we are going To look at you see they have a lot of Virtual positions we have a seasonal Chat customer service agent remote right Here and that's the one we're going to Look at because we're interested in

Those online chat no phone jobs so let's Go ahead and go through this it's Virtual any location in the US this is a Seasonal job however a lot of of times With these seasonal chat agent jobs or Any kind of seasonal job if you do a Good job in the role they are always are Usually open to looking at hiring You Full time so this is a customer service They tell you a little bit about the Company I'll let you read through that Because that's just a general overall View of the company required Qualification skills and experience in This job you only need a high school Diploma or GED so no degree required Ability to use dual monitor PC with Several tools and systems for an Extended period of time so they want Someone who's kind of tech savvy someone Who can get in there and is familiar With computer equipment and knows how to Use it comfortable supporting customers And interacting with peers in a Technology driven environment Availability to work a full-time Schedule includes various shifts such as Morning nights weekends and applicable Holidays but again it sounds like They're going to have some flexibility In that role so you have to check each Role in this one they may be looking for Full time But go ahead and look through all those

Jobs if you're looking for something Specifically part-time nice to have but Not required experience supporting Customers through chat email and phone Even though you're not going to have to Talk on the phone in this job previous Contact center experience history with Payment processing systems and Financial Services Under the job summary join the Sitel group team by assisting the tax Software line of business as a chat Agent this position focuses on driving Customer interactions through inbound And outbound chat slash email Communications it's a seasonal position And is a virtual work at home job so You're going to drive customer support Through digital communication chat and Email using various channels and tools Respond to customer inquiries with a Focus on providing a solution to the Specific issue help customers understand The services offered and discover which Features will benefit their needs Troubleshoot to online services through Password resets meet or exceed Performance expectations in regard to Customer satisfaction and other related Metrics and kpis now they're going to Pay you fifteen dollars per hour and Since this job is a pretty low Experience required position that's not Bad to get your foot in the door and you Can always move up and make more money

So these are all of the different Benefits they have now let's talk a Little bit about your resume so when You're filling out your resume if you Want to have the best chance of getting An interview in this job you're going to Want to mention a few things on that Resume number one any experience that You've had in any kind of customer Service role including any online chat Or any email Correspondence that you've done with Customers if you are good with Technology and you have some work from Home experience you're going to Definitely want to include that and You're going to want to somehow put on There that you are open to a seasonal Position basically list anything you Have under these required qualifications Skills and experience and if you have Any of the nice to haves you want to Make sure that you are getting those on The resume as well any payment process Processing or working with any kind of Financial institutions like maybe for a Bank or something like that you Definitely want to get those on your Resume and you want to try to use Wording that's very similar to what They're using in this job listing Because their systems are looking Through your resume first to see if you Have any familiar words in their job

Description and then from there a hiring Manager or an HR person will look at Your resume and decide if you have the Skills that they are looking for All right guys if you're interested in This position I'm going to put the Instructions to apply Down Below in the Description let me know in the comments What type of job you're looking for and I'll see you all in the next one

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