Estimated $18.26 Hour Working From Home Medical Records Clerk For Veterans | No Degree Needed! USA

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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another medical records work from Home jobs so this is in the healthcare Field it is non-phone I've seen comments Where people are wanting to do medical Records type work but if this job lead Is not for you that is okay please feel Free to leave in the comments anything Specific that you're looking for leave Any education and experience that you Have I'm always reading those comments Even if I'm not responding and I keep That in mind when I am searching for job Leads to share the links if you're Interested in applying to this one are In the YouTube description box below Under this video but the company Maximus They are hiring a medical records file Clerk to work with their veteran Services so not only do you get a Non-phone work from home job you get to Help veterans I don't know what could be Better than that so their medical record Book markers are supporting the veteran Evaluation services and that's those Services are administered by Maximus You'll help facilitate providers review Of the Veterans Medical Records by Providing the information that is being Requested so your primary Responsibilities will be to separate all Information from the Veterans Medical Records you'll successfully research and

Document their medical conditions that They have you'll communicate with the Vbms and Capri checks if needed you'll Make sure the case is complete before Their scheduled exam you'll maintain the Correct status on each medical case and Of course you might research both common And uncommon medical conditions now they Don't require any kind of a college Degree although they prefer some college Only high school diploma or GED is Required they're looking for someone who Has basic computer skills who can use a Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat PDF Programs someone who knows medical Terminology has great attention to Detail and can multitask one thing to Note about this position is they do Require you to provide your own computer Equipment and a private secure place in Your home to work now of course the job Description did not list pay actual pay Will need to be asked about and Discussed at the time of the interview But I do have a Maximus Glassdoor page Linked Down Below in the YouTube Description box if you want to do more Research on the company but I did find That a file clerk makes about 38 000 a year that is about 18.26 an hour when you break it down to 52 weeks in a year and 40 hours of a Work week in a week all right if you've Made it to the end of this video I want

To say thank you so so much for watching And supporting me please remember that Sharing is always caring so give this Video a thumbs up like button if you Found it helpful and please share with All your friends and family so we can All work from home live in our happiest Healthiest life and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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