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Foreign [Music] Welcome back I'm back with another job For you guys and this job right here is Coming from the company iD Tech and Today I have a human resources assistant Job for you and this is a temporary job So let's go ahead and get into the rest Of the details with this job right here You're going to be conducting reference Checks via phone and email you're going To be reviewing all background checks Coordinating with management and new Hires to ensure completion of all i-9s And you got to be tracking staff safety Certifications and following up as Needed you will be providing assistance With administrative projects this job is Going to pay between 16 and 20 an hour Depending on experience and geographical Location even though this is a temporary Position you are still eligible for 401k And other benefits as required by state Or local law so in terms of what they Want you to have they want you to have One to two years of clerical office Experience experience working with Microsoft Office and Google Suite Superior attention to detail the ability To handle private and personal Information with professionalism and Confidentiality ability to work Independently with minimal supervision Hris and data entry experience is a plus

So this is a good little temporary gig For someone who's looking to get into The human resource field this is Definitely a great start for you and you Would need to register to fill out the Application and of course if you're Interested in applying you can find the Link in the description bar I'm wishing You the best of luck and as usual I Thank you guys so much for watching Leave any questions or comments down Below and I'll see you guys in my next Video

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