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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay And I am back with another daily work From home job lead I realize not Everyone is looking for non-phone or Healthcare or those sorts of things so I Do try to throw in some customer service Here or there and this one is huge Because this one is from US Bank they Are hiring a customer care Representative now this is remote within The United States best part about this Position it is one of those jobs that You use to get your foot in the door and Get more experience so you have that Experience to put on your resume because They are not requiring very much Experience at all but of course they're Looking for a customer care Representative to work in a high call Volume environment assisting with Complaints and troubleshooting technical Issues along with billing issues you'll Provide high quality customer service to Merchants by responding to their Inquiries regarding the support of Merchant credit card processing as well As other areas that are assigned so You'll respond to telephone inquiries Requests and problems from Merchants Troubleshoot diagnose all of the Merchant problems it does require a high School diploma or GED in six months to One year of customer service experience That is it six months customer service

Experience should not be that hard to Come by customer service does not have To mean on the phone taking phone calls In a call center it could be waiting Tables it could be a cashier in a retail Environment it could be babysitting any Time you have served someone now they do Want somebody who has a great telephone Communication skills someone who can be A good Problem Solver and good computer Skills specifically use Microsoft Office Now they do provide a paid a training They are trying to get their training Class started on February 24th so get Those applications in because they will Be doing all of the interviewing in all Prior to then they also offer a Comprehensive benefit package including Medical dental vision 401k and paid time Off and speaking of pay they pay Anywhere from twenty dollars an hour up To 22 dollars an hour if this job lead Was not for you that's okay please feel Free to leave in the comments anything Specific that you're looking for as I'm Always reading those and keeping that in Mind when I am searching for things to Share I want to say thank you so so much For watching and supporting me and I'll Be back really really soon with more Work from home job leads just for you

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