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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl I Am back with an 18 to 20 an hour work From home job no degree is required for This one make sure you guys subscribe Like and share the video because if you Haven't heard we give away laptop Computers on this YouTube channel Anybody can win just take the video put It on your social media platforms write A post about what we do on this channel Get your friends and your family members Over here to subscribe to the channel be Sure to come back though and leave us a Comment don't forget to check out those Gifty interview jobs and side hustles That tan dropped on the channel Yesterday we also did a live stream so If you missed that live stream guys we Talked about 10 companies all of them Skipped the interview they are hiring Right now be sure to go back check out The live stream from Sunday make sure You hop over here to the two chicks blog Look under the spotlight job section Look for Omni interactions and apply Scroll down and look for tell us and Apply both of these are no interview Companies let us know in the comments What type of work from home job or side Hustle you guys are looking for and be Sure guys to get branded surveys in your Basket the link is in the comment Section let's go ahead and get into it So Angie is the company and I'm pretty

Sure you guys have seen the commercials On TV for Angie's List but now it is Just called Angie and they are looking To feel their chargeback processor work From home position so it says that this Position will be remote and it will also Require you guys to work up to 40 hours Per week the salary or hourly range is 18 to 20 dollars per hour so it says That what you'll do you will assist the AR team with the below to maintain Proper service levels complete the Write-offs that will be submitted Monthly over to a third party actions You will post the chargebacks and this Is due to customer disputes in the Billing and accounting system you will Also have to process refunds guys and Book payments prepare reports to access Accuracy also communicate with the AR Team to ensure that all Duties are Covered and completed by the deadlines So it says high school diploma Associate's degree in accounting Finance Or related degree is preferred however Guys when you see this word here it is Just preferred it is not required so if You don't have a degree please and you Want to apply please go ahead and apply For this job what is the worst that they Could say no we've all heard no before So you just keep applying and you keep Pushing okay so it says equivalent Combination of education training and

Experience one plus years of experience In general accounting or related filed Preferred or probably field preferred Knowledge of contract billing both Reoccurring and prepaid knowledge of Contract management and effects on Revenue AR accounts receivable gaap and Sarbanus Oxley It also says strong Computer skills skills and complex Problem solving judgment critical Thinking also decision making ability to Interact at all levels of the company Ability to be highly organized ability To tolerate stress and be adaptable Flexible persistent versatile ability to Organize information and have attention To detail and accurately follow Procedures ability to maintain Self-motivation ability to piece Together conclusions and ability to sit The entire work day viewing a computer Monitor so again guys the company it is Angie they're looking to feel this Chargeback processor work from home job The pay is 18 to 20 dollars an hour no Degree is required it is just preferred If you don't have it again you can still Apply for this job I did not see any State restrictions listed on their Website but that is where you guys come In because you will need to do your own Research if you're going to apply for This job make sure you go over to Google Type in Angie jot down some information

About the company guys just in case you Get an interview you don't want to be a Deer in headlights if they ask what do You know about Angie so you want to have That information readily available just In case because you never know they just May email you and want to hire you but You don't want to Fumble the ball and Not know the answers to the questions so Make sure you go do some research make Sure you share the video and I will be Sure guys to leave the link posted right Below the video in the description box So you guys can check out this company Share this video with a friend a family Member I have saved a lot of people this Week from scammers they are still out There going strong on these social media Platforms you guys can go join some Groups on Facebook if you like and post Our videos in those groups to help People out make sure you come back Though and leave us that comment Otherwise we won't know that you shared This awesome video on your platform hop Over to Facebook and join our group it Is kiss that cubicle goodbye and we are Going to do a giveaway in the group once We reach 250 000 members also guys don't forget about Our two chicks with the side hustle Facebook business page now on that page We are going to do a giveaway once we Hit a hundred thousand followers and we

Will be giving away guys two additional Laptop computers and they are absolutely Free to you guys only thing you have to Do come over there follow us and you can Tag on Facebook tag your friends your Family members or whoever you think is Looking for a work from home job or you Can just click that share button and Share the content to your social media Platform your personal or your business Facebook pages and don't forget about Instagram so we have another giveaway Going on on Instagram guys we're trying To get to 10 000 followers on that page So make sure that you come over there You follow us you tag a friend you share You put us in your stories or you create A story and put us in the story or Create a reel and put us in the real we Will see it I did see a story today one Of our subscribers shared Us in her Story so we will see it guys make sure You just share the information tag a Friend tell a friend let your friends And family members know that if they are Looking to work from home we post the Legit work from home jobs on all of our Social media platforms my name is Carl And I will catch you wonderful for Lovely amazing people in the next video Bye YouTube

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