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What's up two chicks fam it's me Carl And I am back with another work from Home video but before I get into it if You guys are looking for non-phone jobs Data entry make sure you hop on over Check them out on the blog and happy Monday to everyone I hope you guys had a Fantastic weekend now we did a live Stream yesterday we talked about a Company they are hiring 1 000 work from Home agents make sure you guys go back And check out their video be sure to Smash that red subscribe button turn on That Bell notification thumbs up these Videos and make sure you share we are Giving away 10 more brand new laptop Computers absolutely free so go spread The word tell a friend be sure to come Back and leave us a comment don't forget Guys to hop over here check out the two Chicks with the side blog Look under the spotlight job section Apply for Omni interactions and also Apply for tellers and don't forget guys To let us know in the comments what type Of work from home job or a side hustle You guys are looking for and be sure to Sign up for Branded surveys the link is Down below in the comment section let's Go ahead and jump in so the company is Well known American Express they are Looking to hire for their travel Consultant travel and lifestyle Services

Position now it says here that it may Include guys a two thousand dollar sign On bonus which is a great thing so let's Jump right on into the video so it says Here work at home requirements through Our bring your own internet program you Will be required to locate internet Service provider who meets our Connectivity requirements and arrange Connections in advance of your class Start date and so I'm hearing that this One will be starting very soon now it Says You must reside in one of the 47 States where we current currently higher I do see all U.S states except for Alaska California and Hawaii so if you Live in any of the other states that I Did not say then you can apply for this Position they are an equal opportunity Employer makes employment decisions Without the regard to race color Religion sex sexual orientation gender Identity national origin veteran status Disability status age and Etc now if the Role you are applying for is designated As a hybrid or on-site you will be Required to demonstrate that but you Guys don't have to worry about that Because this one again is a 100 percent Remote work from home job now I know I skipped down and I skipped some Parts it says here delighting our Premium Card members with Unforgettable Travel experiences understand our

Customer needs through consultation to Deliver an Innovative and extraordinary Interaction through multi-channel Servicing research plan and Carry Out Personalized travel experiences through Booking domestic and international Flights car and or hotel travel Arrangements communicate new and Existing product offerings and value Propositions relevant to the card member I always put the card members experience At the Forefront of everything that you Do reinforcing the membership first Approaching and earning their dedication Shown ability to provide premium Customer service ideally in a call Center environment experience servicing Customers ideally in Hospitality Concentrates lifestyle servicing High-end customer service or sales roles Basic geography knowledge with the Ability to locate continents and travel Destinations worldwide now I do see here That you must have the ability to work Nights and weekends as we service our Card members 24 hours a day seven days a Week in this position guys starting pay Is between 20 to 26 dollars an hour they Also offer bonuses and benefits this one Is posted on the two chicks blog there Will be a link posted right below the Video in the description box so you guys Can check out this company make sure you Guys do your own research make sure you

Share this video leave us a comment Again we are giving away 10 more brand New laptop computers absolutely free to You guys we pay for everything all you Have to do is take our videos share or Invite your people over here to this YouTube channel let your friends family Members know what we do on this channel And then hop on over to Facebook and Join our group the name of our group it Is kiss that cubicle goodbye and a lot Of people within the last 30 days have Been hired with various companies so Make sure you guys come on over there And check us out also don't forget to Follow us on our Facebook business page It is two chicks with a side hustle we Are going to give away two more laptop Computers guys so if you don't get a Chance to win on the channel you still Have a chance to win a laptop over on Our Facebook business page once we reach A hundred thousand followers we're going To do that giveaway so make sure you Guys hop on over there share the content That we have posted or tag your friends And family members on the post that is a Way of sharing and make sure you leave Us a comment don't forget to follow us On Tick Tock Twitter and Instagram two Chicks with a side hustle now on Instagram guys we are going to do a Pop-up giveaway so make sure you guys Are following us over there I don't know

What we're going to give away it could Be another laptop it could be And Amazon gift card it could be a Walmart gift card it could be a cash app Could be a keyboard a mouse pad things Like that so make sure that you guys hop On over there and follow us on our Instagram again it is two chicks with The side hustle my name is Carol and I Will catch you wonderful lovely awesome People in the next video bye Bye YouTube

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