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Foreign Welcome back I hope everybody's doing Good today I'm doing great and back with Another job for you guys and this one Right here is going to be another Part-time weekend job and it's coming From the company Rue they're currently Looking for a client support lead to Work part-time on the weekends and of Course it's remote and they are based in San Francisco California but I didn't See anything on the application saying That you had to be in San Francisco but The pay that's mentioned is going to be Based on you know if you were in San Francisco so you can't expect to make up To 25 to 27 an hour it's really just Gonna depend on your location so with This job right here you will be managing The weekend support and facilitate Positive user experiences and this is a Part-time role that requires working Weekend client support hours as well as Being available during regular business Hours for a three-week training period Okay but you will be the lead weekend Support of contact for customer Inquiries coming through their online Support channels that's going to include Email live chat and one eight three Three rouvette Etc gonna troubleshoot And resolve any first line issues raised By their Hospital vet tech users and Provide accurate complete and supportive

Responses and you will act as a backstop For second line escalated issues during Weekends and coordinate with relevant Regional BD and AMS and other Departments where needed you will Facilitate and help to manage potential Call outs with current processes in Place and you will proactively document Rainy day scenarios that's encountered And share any key learnings with the Team you're going to maintain zendesk And HubSpot to ensure all client Communications and CS tickets are Documented appropriately and you're Going to coordinate with Finance data And other departments on rainy day shift And payment reconciliation and generate Reports as needed so they want you to Have three plus years of experience in Client and customer support ideally in An early stage startup environment vet Technician and animal healthcare Industry experience is a plus plus be Proactive able to communicate and also Familiar with customer support tools and Software flexible and enjoy assisting Teammates and acting as an internal Resource so again this job is going to Be between 25 and 27 an hour if you're In the San Francisco Bay Area other Locations will be based on your Experience and your location they are Going to provide stipends for home Office setup and continuing education

And this job right here has a fairly Quick application so of course if you're Interested in applying check out that Link in the description bar make sure to Leave any questions or comments below And as usual I appreciate you guys so Much for watching I'll see you on my Next video and good luck to everyone who Applies for the job

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