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Happy hump day two chicks family it is Me Carl I am back with another work from Home video but before I jump in if you Are new to our Channel welcome make sure You smash that red subscribe button turn On that Bell notification you want to Thumbs up these videos and you want to Share on our Channel guys we do real Giveaways and we have bought 10 more Brand new laptop computers and we are Going to give those away once we hit a Hundred thousand subscribers so make Sure you guys share go tell a friend Spread the word let's get the word out To the masses what we do on this channel Be sure to come back and leave us a Comment down below don't forget guys to Go back check out the video that I Posted on the channel earlier today the Company is still in need of some more People so make sure you guys check out That video and please share Let's help Them get to their quota make sure you Guys go back and check out that video I Posted on the channel last night this is A high paying position guys I got it From one of our members and they are Hiring like crazy so be sure to check Out their video hop over to the two Chicks blog look under the spotlight job Section make sure you guys apply for Omni interactions and don't forget to Look down below in the comments and get Branded surveys in your basket the link

Is down below let's get into this video So the company is linking Financial Group and they are looking to feel their Returned mail service processor for Their retirement team so this sounds Like an easy one So this is what it says guys as the Return mail service processor you will Review documents that have been returned To Lincoln due to various reasons on a Day-to-day basis you will be expected to Review various Lincoln administrative Systems along with documentation Provided ensure due diligence is Completed to locate a positive address So this sounds like an easy peasy one You will be reviewing various admin Systems to determine if new addresses Can be located you will need to be able To effectively navigate multiple systems At one time to research resolve requests You will be focusing on key performance Indicators on a daily basis to ensure Success for this role these include but Not limited to schedule adherence Desktop processing analytics and idle Time you will be working closely with Your team to ensure all required work is Being completed within required Turnaround times which could result in Required overtime you will be a champion For a process Improvement ideas that Will enhance our current Our current processes to increase

Efficiency along with making a positive Impact on the customer experience now For this job guys I did see the pay as 12 to 18 dollars per hour posted on Their website I don't see it here but it Is posted on their website now It did say something about a degree so Let's scroll on down If my computer wants to act right I did see I think a bachelor's degree Or something to that effect okay Uh four-year Four-year bachelor's degree or Equivalent so you don't have to have a Bachelor's degree because it did say or Equivalent work experience zero to one Plus years of operations and or process Experience directly related to the Responsibility of this position so you Don't need experience for that ability To work with others you guys have that I'm sure strong interpersonal skills Excellent organizational and time Management skills ability to work Successfully with external customers Proficiency with Microsoft Office Suite Now if you guys don't have this here be Sure to Google it go look it up uh YouTube it a lot of people have Tutorials on how to use Microsoft Office Suite it is not that hard and I believe Everybody here should take advantage of That now this information guys it is on

Our two chicks Vlog and there will be a Link posted right below this video in The description box so you guys can Check out Lincoln and this sounds like a Great company to work for however I Don't work for the company so make sure You go over to Google type in Lincoln Financial company see what comes up you Want to be prepared and not surprised Just in case you get an interview guys Make sure you know something about Lincoln Financial Group so again Link in The Financial Group they are hiring they Are looking to feel this return mail Service Processor so basically you are Processing return mail the pay is 12 to 18 dollars per hour and that could Depend on a factor of things where you Live experience things like that so make Sure you guys do some research and make Sure you share my awesome video and then You want to come back and leave me a Comment hop over to Facebook join us Kiss the cubicle goodbye follow us over On our Facebook business page hey It is two chicks with the side hustle Guys we're giving away two additional Laptops over on that platform so be sure You go over there and follow us again Two chicks with a side hustle Facebook Business page follow us on Tick Tock Twitter on Instagram on Instagram we're Doing a pop-up giveaway so we got a lot

Of giveaways going on on this platform The two chicks platform is where you Guys want to be my name is Carl I'll Catch you guys in the next video bye YouTube

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