Job Interview Questions for Work from Home Job Candidates: A Guide

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If you’re hiring for work-from-home positions, it’s important to ask the right questions during the job interview process. While the same general principles apply as in traditional in-person interviews, there are some key differences to keep in mind when assessing remote job candidates. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the most effective interview questions to ask when hiring for work-from-home positions, helping you to identify the most qualified candidates for your remote team.

Job Interview Questions for Work from Home Job Candidates: A Guide

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to alter the workspace drastically, more companies are shifting to work from home setups. With this change, job interviews for remote positions have also changed. Although similar to face-to-face interviews, there are specific questions that remote job candidates must prepare for. We have created a guide to help job candidates prepare accordingly for remote job interviews.


Remote job interviews are different from in-person interviews, and they come with their unique challenges. One of these challenges is the inability to demonstrate nonverbal cues during the interview. Additionally, the interviewer must be confident in the candidate’s ability to work independently and self-motivate while working remotely. By being aware of potential job questions and preparing appropriately, the remote job candidate can increase their chances of a successful interview.

Research the Company

One of the essential things to do before any interview is to research the company. Remote job candidates should start by learning as much as possible about their potential employer’s work culture, goals, and mission. They should also familiarize themselves with the company’s social media presence, such as LinkedIn and Twitter.

Prepare for Job Interview Questions

Whether it’s an in-person or virtual interview, the questions are likely to be similar. However, remote interviews require additional preparation by answering specific work from home-related questions. Here are some common job interview questions for remote job candidates:

1. What experience do you have working from home or collaborating with remote teams?

Candidates should provide examples of how they have previously worked from home, such as managing their schedule, using time management systems, or working with remote teams while delivering results.

2. How have you remained productive when working alone or remotely?

This question aims to assess a candidate’s ability to work independently, followed by examples of a time when they had to work alone or remotely and how they remained productive.

3. How do you manage communication when you are working remotely?

Candidates should demonstrate their communication skills by providing examples of the tools they use or how they have managed remote collaboration with colleagues, such as regular check-ins, meeting notes, or communicating via tools such as Slack or Zoom.

4. Can you give an example of how you’ve handled a difficult project or dealt with a difficult client while working remotely?

To answer this question, the candidate should walk the interviewer through how they handled conflict or difficult situations, such as in a previous role, adapting it to a remote work environment.

5. How do you prioritize your workload and deliverables when working from home?

Candidates should provide examples of how they prioritize tasks, set goals, and meet deadlines while working remotely.


Remote job interviews have become more common, and candidates must prepare accordingly. By researching the company and reviewing job interview questions, remote job candidates can increase their chances of landing a work from home position. Although remote work presents unique challenges, with the right preparation, candidates can demonstrate their ability, and employers can assure them that they can deliver excellence remotely.


  1. What is Afrekete, and how can it help me with work from home jobs?
    A: Afrekete is a resource for work from home jobs and reviews that gives you tips on current job listings, how to prepare, and how to succeed in a remote work environment.

  2. How can I prepare for a work from home job interview?
    A: Research the company to familiarize yourself with the work culture and mission. Prepare to answer questions specifically for remote job interviews, such as how you manage communication, prioritize work, and collaborate with remote teams.

  3. What are some common remote job interview questions?
    A: Common questions focus on the candidate’s previous experience working remotely or collaborating with remote teams, how they remain productive when working alone, and how they communicate and manage workload while working from home.

  4. Is there a guarantee of getting a job through companies or resources like Afrekete?
    A: There is no guarantee of obtaining the same results mentioned in the video or earning potential with job opportunities. Any job one finds unavailable may be already filled, and companies or Afrekete are not liable.

  5. What other resources are available besides Afrekete for work at home jobs?
    A: The video advises checking its Facebook posts for work-at-home jobs and business development. It is wise to do personal research and take personal responsibility when making professional decisions.

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