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Hey two chicks fam TGIF thank God it is Friday happy Friday everyone I hope you Guys have a terrific day today it's me Carl I am back with a high paying work From home job and this one guys is a Daily pay company be sure to subscribe Like and share because on this channel Not only do we talk about legit work From home job side gig side hustles we Do live streams and we give away free Laptops so if you guys want a laptop be Sure to take this video go post it on Your social media platforms LinkedIn Facebook Twitter Reddit or whatever you Guys have but don't forget to come back Leave us a comment down below let us Know in the comments what type of work From home job or side hustle you guys Are looking for now we have been Dropping a ton of work when you want Videos make sure you guys go back and Check those out I would hate for you Guys to miss out on those companies also Tell us International the Raider Position is now open this is a work when You want opportunity for you guys be Sure to come over here to the two chicks With the side hustle.com blog and look On the home page for tell us International make sure you guys sign up For Branded surveys the link is in the Comments let's jump in so the company is Pathways they are looking to feel this Revenue cycle management cash poster so

It says here guys that this position is Responsible for the application of cash Receipts and recoding daily deposits now The ideal candidate will be familiar With electronic health records or EHR And MS Office Suite to include Excel the Candidate will have General mathematical And excellent computer and also phone Skills we are looking for a reliable and Detail-oriented individual it says Timely and accurately applies to cash Receipts effectively communicates with The payer is able to work unapplied cash Spreadsheets prepare manage month in Reconciliation reports with high level Of accuracy Excel proficients user with Experience utilizing formulas and Functions able to handle deadlines and Potential potentially stressful Situations attention to detail able to Take Direction and provide direction as Necessary positive attitude ability to Work in a team environment and you are a Team player ability to multitask and Time management skills are essential now For this one I do see high school Diploma and preferably some college but Again it is just preferred and they are Asking if it is in business or Accounting but again just preferred Medical insurance experience that one is Also preferred guys I do see that they Do offer 401K medical dental and vision Plans also paid vacation days separate

Paid sick leave that Rose over over each Year and they do have some other perks Listed here now the pay for this one it Is 22 dollars per hour right here at the Bottom where it says compensation so Again the company is Pathways and this Is a daily pay company guys on their Website you guys will see it it's a big Old Circle that says daily pay where you Can get paid out in one day which is a Great thing because some people do need Their money and they need it like now ASAP so they are looking to feel this Revenue cycle management cash poster Position and you may have to talk to the Paid years on this one so this one I Would not say that this one is non-phone I would say it is not non-phone keep in Mind guys that this one pays twenty two Dollars an hour and you really don't Need a lot of experience to apply for This job if you don't have any Experience my take would be get the Keywords put it in your resume and hey Go for it and they do provide benefits Men medical dental vision and some other Incentives will be offered as well make Sure you guys go over to Google do some Research on this company it sounds like A great company to work for however I Don't work for the company tan doesn't Work for the company so we really don't Know so that is where you guys come in Do your own due diligence find out about

This company go over to Google it takes One to two minutes to type in Pathways See what comes up you guys may see some Good reviews on the company there may be Some okay reviews and there may even be Some bad reviews but just use your Better judgment because what's bad for Somebody else it may be a good thing for You and remember guys this one pays 22 Dollars an hour now the link will be Posted right below the video in the Description box so you guys can check Out this company don't forget to take The video go and share it with a friend Somebody out there guys is looking for a Daily paid job and you just may be the Person to help them out so so remember To share share share because what Sharing is caring on this channel but Don't forget to come back though and Leave us a comment down below because Again we have already given away 12 Laptops on this YouTube channel over the Years so we are going to give away 10 More at one time once we reach a hundred Thousand subscribers so once that number Says one zero zero comma zero zero zero We are going to come on the live stream Guys and give away these laptops we have Already purchased the laptops if you Guys want to see what the laptops look Like we did a live stream last week and I showed my laptop because I have one of The laptops for myself and I showed the

Laptop on the screen it is a nice laptop Guys beautiful laptop so make sure you Just take the video share it don't Forget to come back leave us a comment You make sure you join us on Facebook Because there will be a laptop giveaway In the Facebook group and it is kissed Their cubicle goodbye so this just Increases you guys chances of winning One of these laptops and we've already Again have had several winners on this YouTube channel so we're going to expand And give away laptops on some of these Other social media platforms because I Do understand everybody does not follow The YouTube channel because everybody Doesn't like YouTube so we decided to Expand the laptop giveaway so we're Going to do three on Facebook one will Be given away in the Facebook group once We reach 250 000 members so all you guys have to do Is come over to Facebook if you don't Have a Facebook page it is free99 create The page and then start inviting your Friends or your family members or Anybody that you know that may be Looking for a legit work from home job Or a side hustle invite them to the Group we can see on the back end who has Invited the most people your name be Written down on the giveaway list also Guys don't forget to follow the two Chicks with a side hustle business page

Over on Facebook because on that page Once we reach a hundred thousand Followers and I don't know how many we Have right now at the moment but once we Reach a hundred thousand followers guys We are going to give away two additional Laptops for free absolutely free we're Gonna ship them straight to your front Door so again follow the two chicks with The side Hustle the Facebook business Page don't forget to tag a friend tell a Friend and you can share the content Whatever is posted if it's a video if It's a blog post you can share the Content off of that page or you can get The links to the jobs post them on your Page and just say hey if any one of my Facebook friends or family members are Looking for legit work from home jobs Such and such company is hiring Alorica Is hiring live offices hiring here is The link and you can share that way or You can tag them on the post guys and I'm pretty sure that they will get the Notifications again make sure you follow The Instagram and the Twitter two chicks With the side hustle my name is Carl and I will catch you wonderful lovely Amazing people on the next video Are you fool

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