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Hey hey hey this is Tangy from two Chicks with the side hustle coming at You with another work from home position But before we get started do me a favor Hit that red subscribe button also hit That Bell notification button so you can Be notified whenever we post a new video Or do a live stream and remember on this Channel sharing is caring so do me a Favor and take one of our YouTube videos Share with your friends families anyone Who is looking to work from home Come back under the video type I shared And you will be entered into a drawing To win one of ten laptop computers once We reach 100 000 subscribers and thank you to those Of you who have shared thus far well Today our position comes from our two Chicks with the side blog and It is for a parking agent and this is a Remote position that can be done Anywhere in the United States so um as a Parking agent you'll support management Of the all parking locations for get Around so get around apparently has Parking locations maybe in big cities Like Chicago New York Um DC Um Metropolitan places where there are a Lot of parking that is needed Um maybe for like downtown area areas or People who are visiting and you need Parking get around provides

Um Thing parking for these people I mean For these locations Um using your Park their parking lot Location dashboard Um you will identify potential errors And need and take the steps to correct Them you'll update the database your Um communicate with host and location Vendors to set up new parking and Maintain existing parking Um you'll investigate and resolve issues And do the additional research and Follow-up if needed you need to have Strong critical thinking skills be able To perform outbound calls you need to Have excellent interpersonal and Communication skills you need to be Proficient with tools such as Google Suites which is uh Gmail Google Docs Which is same as Microsoft Word and Google Sheets which is like Microsoft Excel you must be able to do internet Research meaning if you have a subject And you need to look up on it you need To be able to navigate the internet Um you need to be a self-starter you Need to be want to learn and you also if You have graduated from college or University that is a bonus but that is Not required hit that apply here button Make sure you go ahead and apply and Have a great day bye-bye

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