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Happy Tuesday YouTube family I am back With another work from home job this is A non-phone work at home job that this Company they will train you and you can Make anywhere between 14 and 24 dollars Per hour according to Glassdoor before I Give you that information make for sure That you're watching the videos all the Way through because there are valuable Information in all of my videos to help You get closer to Landing your first Second third job even a side hustle Remember this channel is all about none Phone work at home job leads that go out Every single day at 7 A.M Central Standards time so if you're looking for A work from home job where you're not Talking to customers on the phone you Have landed on the right channel so Let's go ahead and dive right into the First job that we're going to be talking About candy they're currently seeking Transaction process Associates want to Work from home now they do offer paid Training full benefits options career Growth opportunities so this company Will train you what you'll be doing on This job is you will receive receive Documents from both electronic hard copy Form for accurate processing now they do Want you to have a high school diploma Or equipment they want you to be able to Type at least 20 words per minute on a Computer and give you information about

Content is to deliver business process Outsourcing solution that have Efficiency savings and revenue growth Across the world so we're going to go More into details about what you're Going to be doing on the job as a Transaction process Associates you will Provide document review and daily entry Support to their clients you would Assist with making your assistance will Make a positive difference in the Organization you support you'll be able To provide successful Administration so You're gonna basically what you're going To do is receive documents from both Electronic and hard copy for forum for Accurate process Um I know I just said that again Um you're going to identify documents And their purpose to create a database Of information and and then you're going To provide Production service to client Operation by performing administrative Tasks such as dating entry document Processing and scanning now for this job Here you have to be legal authorization To work permanently in the United States Without requiring a Visa transfer of Visa sponsorships you have to have good I.T skills and the ability to learn new Skills have a great attention to the Details be organized and have the Ability to multitask and well adapted to Change so if this sounds like something

That you're able to do then make for Sure you go ahead and apply today for This position as soon as possible by Clicking here because these type of jobs Do not last that long a lot of people Want to do daily entry so make for sure If this is something you want to do then Go ahead and apply today Now don't disqualify yourself before you Apply for these jobs let the company do It there are so many jobs out there Because I list them that will train you And this is one of the jobs that will Train you okay everything starts with The mind you have to have the mindset if You keep saying that you can't do things Eventually you're not going to be able To do it but if you go in with a Positive attitude saying I can do it you Know the results are going to be Wonderful you have to remember you Cannot give up life is full of ups and Downs sometimes things happen for a Reason you could be at the front of the Line and when you get at the front of The line things happen you got to go Back to the end of the line that is a Part of life it's building your Character God is building your character Making you stronger Um there is a job out there with your Name on it you have to believe Allah lot Of times you got to think of it when you Don't get a job when you don't get a

House you don't get the car that you Want it is a reason behind something That God is getting ready to bless you With something that is a whole lot Better than what you thought that was Good at that time so you have to keep Going rejection is a part of life I have Experienced it many times I'm and you're Not the only one but when you get Rejection it's not when you fall down It's all about is you gonna stay down You got to get up with class even though It's hard so many people cry so many People get mad disencouraged don't know What to do but I'm telling you today It's okay to cry everybody cried but Don't stay down get up and say look Today may not be in a good day but Tomorrow is going to be a good day you Got to keep telling yourself there that There is a job out there with your name On it you got to keep pushing you got to Keep applying don't get give up believe In yourself because if you don't believe In yourself trust me nobody else will so Go out there and grab what is yours There is a job out there with your name On it but you got to get up and you got To grab and what is yours so go out There and apply for these jobs today Okay you will find what you seeking real Soon but you got to take the first step Now you know that I always talk about You know bettering yourself you know

Going back taking courses if you need to Get to where you need to be Um today I am talking about course Careers if you do your research Tech sales isn't high in demand it is High in demand man different companies Are looking for these people to be in These this field right now and no Experience or degree is required when You go through course careers and I just Want to take our time and explain the Difference to you Tech sales is where You're reaching out to potential buyers That are interested in buying the Product like for example if you're Working for Google you know so you're on The phone it or information technology Is you're not on the phone you're Dealing with customers through cues Similar to chat but these are great Opportunities Tech sales there are more Than 300 000 opening jobs and you can Make around between 60 to 80k a year Information Technology there's more than 200 000 open jobs you can make anywhere Between 40 and 60k a year I always Suggest you you to go in listen and Watch the full testimony because these People are real people these people Actually went through the course and They're going to tell you the truth okay So to just paraphrase with the girl here She is 19 years old And instead of going to college she was

Working at Starbucks and again I don't Kick down of working at Starbucks Walmart you have to start somewhere but I do feel that you there's a season in Time that it's not meant for you to stay At a job for a long length of time so She worked at Starbucks and she was Working at another job she was a manager And she was only making 17 an hour and She ran across course careers and she Went through the course and now she is Making 60k a year working from home and This can happen to you okay so I suggest You there is plenty of testimonies out There that you can watch and to Understand the first step that you need To do is sign up for their free intro Course and in the intro course it's Going to tell you what I T is and what Is text sales at that time you can Decide if it's a good fit if it's a good Fit then you need to stop resonate and Enrolled in their course this is a Online self-paced course that can be Completed in a few weeks or anywhere Between one to three months but some People have completed the course in Three weeks Um it just depends on how much time you Commit and you will learn everything Required to land your first position and The great thing about this company is That you can work as an internship for Three months making between 15 and 20

000 hour where you gaining the Experience as well as going in and Getting your degree or certification it Is a win-win we all know that when you Go to college It's very expensive in college you know Everybody unfortunately is not going to Get a scholarship it's going to be some People that's going to get a full ride It's going to get some it's going to be Some people that's going to get a Scholarship but it's not going to be Enough money to pay for their tuition Okay and it's a lot of people that go Into college get a degree and they come Out and they cannot found a job because They don't have the experience so half Of them go back to school change their Major so with course careers you don't Have to do all of that you're gaining The experience and you're going to get Your job they're guarantee you that They're going to help you get on at a Company and the companies what they do Is when they see course careers on your Resume they drop they experience and Degree and they hire course career Students and it is a win-win situation Okay so you're gonna start applying the Skills you acquire from the course and They're going to teach you exactly how To land in an entry level position or Internship by giving you in inside the Knowledge of how to apply to companies

What they look for in resumes and Application how to prepare for Interviews and so much more and they Partner directly with companies that Want to hire students into a entry level Position and internship dropping their Degree in experience requirement for Course careers graduates okay so it is a Win-win situation again When you're talking about a course there Is a price and I think it's very Affordable because you do not have to Take out any loans okay I know people That have been out of school for 12 Years and they still paying on the loan Here all you have to do is pay 499 Dollars that's it that's all you have to Pay and if you use my coupon code you Would get fifty dollars off of the 4.99 And then you have a choice of doing a Four payment plan of 150 every two weeks They're trying to make it affordable for People because a lot of people don't go To college because they cannot afford College so if you know a high school Student that is a junior or senior in High school that is uncertain about what They want to do in college or where to Go you need to tell them to come and Check out this video listen to what I Have to say about course careers if You're looking for a career change this Is for you if you've been to college and You just look hey I want to do something

Totally different this is for you okay But if you're a high school student in Order to start course careers you have To be 18 years or older in order to Start But this is something that you need to Spread the word to every High School Juniors and seniors because I know that A lot of kids are uncertain about what They want to do a lot of high school Cancers they they don't prepare the Students on how to apply for Scholarships what schools out there a Lot of parents gotta figure this thing Out their self so make for sure you Share this you may not be able to Benefit from this but if you know Somebody else that could benefit from This share this with them because that Is very important to let them know you Want to go to college here you go you Come out making six decades 100K a year You'll be making more than some people To go out there and get a bastard as a Master's degree okay so this is a Win-win so make for sure you share this But you got to take the first step okay You cannot complain about the situation If you don't take the first step sign up Today you know they do have a 14-day Money-back guarantee you know they're so Confident that you're going to do really Well well and this course is fully Refundable within 14 days of purchase no

Courses asked simply contact them and They will refund you on the average You'll make over 800 a week as they help Desk professionals so basically the Course paid for itself during just the First four days on the job okay so this Is a great opportunity for someone and When you scroll down it talks about you Know the different companies that are Hiring people to work from home as an I.T and a tech sales and you scroll down A little bit further this is your Teacher so make sure you go ahead and Sign up today the information is in the YouTube description bar remember go Check out my group if you put in your Requests so you're around like-minded People that are seeking work from home Jobs as well as people are getting hired In the group remember to follow me on Instagram too I have content on on there As well And consider subscribing to the channel By clicking the red button and turn on Your notification by clicking the Bell So every time when I upload new videos You will be notified and that will give You plenty of opportunity to go ahead And apply for these jobs before they're Longer available make sure that you're Watching the videos all the way through Because there are valuable information In all of my videos including my shorts I started doing YouTube shorts on the

Weekends I'm bringing you a little bit More Um work extra work from home jobs as Well so go ahead and check that out too If you would like to be a part of my YouTube membership all you have to do is Click the join button there is a short Video explaining the benefits don't Forget to check the community Tab out That is where I love to engage with my Community and when I upload new videos I Post it in there when I do posts when I Do quotes I post it in there as well so Go ahead and check that out Um again don't disqualify yourself Before you apply for these jobs let the Company Do It Um you have to believe in yourself Because if if you don't believe in Yourself nobody else will there is a job Out there with your name on it go out There and grab what is yours thank you So much for watching and I will see you In the next video

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