Marriott Hiring NON-PHONE Up To $26 Hour Work From Home Entering Information Into Computer Databases

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Welcome back my YouTube friends and Family this is Lindsay and I am back With another non-phone work from home Job lead for you this one is exciting Because it is not non-phone customer Service it is data entry administrative Work for a huge Hotel chain so we will Dive Right on in and just know if you're Interested in applying the link to this Page is in the YouTube description box Below this video you may have to hit the Little more button to expand at the Description box to be able to see Everything the huge Hotel chain Marriott Is hiring an administrative assistant of Sales now they are hiring remote but you Must reside in the United States and They also do prefer somebody who can Work Pacific a standard time hours so of Course if you're outside of that time Zone convert your hours to the time zone To see if that will work for you but They are basically hiring someone to do Administrative data entry type work you Will enter and retrieve information Contained in computer databases using Keyboard mouse trackball and update Those records files reservations and Answer inquiries from guests you'll Transmit the information on documents Using computer mail or fax you'll also Be preparing letters memos and other Documentation and creating and Maintaining a computer filing an

Organization systems for records reports Documents all of those types of things Now they do not really State what They're looking for other than they're Looking for someone who can follow Policies and procedures and maintain a Positive working relationships with Others but they do not say they require Any kind of college degree or that sort Of thing now as far as pay goes pays Anywhere from 17 an hour all the way up To 26 dollars an hour and of course they Offer a standard benefit package that Includes Medical internal Vision 401K Paid time off all the things alright as Always if this job lead was not for you That is absolutely okay please feel free To leave anything specific you're Looking for in the comments even if I'm Not always responding I do read those And keep that in mind when I am out There searching for job leads to share Thank you so so much for watching and Supporting me and I'll be back really Really soon with more work from home job Leads just for you

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