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Good morning happy Tuesday it's Suzanne Today I have a data entry clerk position For you with the company elevance Health Now they are paying up to around a Thousand dollars per week to enter data From home this is a remote position it Is in the U.S and let's get into the Details in this job you'll be Responsible for operating a data entry Device to key and or verify a variety of Standard and or complex coded or uncoded Business and statistical Source data Into a computer primary duties may Include perform daily reconciliation of Customer claims request account Adjustments provide superior quality Outcomes by taking ownership of claims To ensure timely resolution are Follow-up process a minimum of 250 to 300 claims per day and accounts for all Claims in assigned batches achieve and Maintain an accuracy rate of 98 percent And Foster a professional and positive Attitude so the requirements that They're looking for from you is they Would like you to have at least a high School diploma or a GED or any Combination of education and experience Which would provide an equivalent Background they would like you to have Knowledge of claims operations services And the various operations of the Organization products and services Previous experience using PC database

System and related software is required Meaning like word processing and Spreadsheets so if you have these Different qualifications make sure that You have these clearly outlined on your Resume so that their automated resume Approval systems will see that you have The qualifications that they need now They have a data entry operator one Position and they also have a data entry Operator 2 position I believe they're Hiring multiple positions the data entry Operator two will probably be paid a Little bit more money you need a high School diploma they'd like you to have Two years of data entry and customer Service experience so in the data entry Operator one position it looks like you Don't need any experience so obviously You going to get paid a little bit less In that position than you are in the two Because you do have more experience in The data entry field so preferred Qualifications it is going to be a Flexible work at home position 10 key Entry Superior professional and Courteous service to customers Significant contribution to the work Team as an independent Problem Solver Process 135 to 200 claims per day Quality at 98 audit a minute of 30 per Month for associates Looking for very high quality production 90 to 125 percent they'll go through all

Those analytics with you what those mean I'm not sure exactly what those mean Other than the 98 quality which Basically means your level of accuracy And then they may have some other duties As assigned as with any job for Candidates working in person or remotely At the Below locations the salary range For this position is between 1160 to 25 Per hour that's going to depend on your Experience that's going to depend on Where you live mostly and some of their Locations are California Colorado Nevada Washington Jersey City New Jersey New York City Ithaca and Westchester County In New York all right so if you're Interested in taking a look at this Position I'm going to go ahead and put The instructions to apply down in the Description for you and I will see you All in the next video good luck guys

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