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Hey hey two chicks fam it's fry yay Happy Friday guys it's me Carl and I am Back with a quick higher work from home Job but before I jump into the video Make sure you guys subscribe like and Share because on this channel we talk About all things work from home related To jobs the side gigs the hustles and we Also give away free laptops so if you Want to win be sure to go tell a friend What we do on this channel take my video Put it on Facebook Instagram Tick Tock But come back leave us a comment don't Forget to hop on over to the two chicks Blog it is two chicks with the side Hustle.com look under the spotlight job Section apply for Omni and then look for Teller scroll down look where it says The recruiter reached out click on that Link and apply to tell us also guys let Us know in the comments what type of Work from home job or side hustle you're Looking for now if you are looking for The non-phone jobs data entry chat email Be sure to hop on over check them out on The Non-phoneworkathome.com blog sign up for Branded surveys the link is down below In the comment section let's get into it So this company guys is called results CX and we got this one from one of our Members in the group so they are looking To feel this customer service rep remote Position it says here are you positive

Motivated and ready to learn in a fast Paced environment this is an opportunity To work remote in the comfort of your Own home you can be recognized for your Success and you can make a difference at Results CX we are focused on providing Exceptional customer service to our Clients and making the communities we Live and work in a better place to be Now as you guys can see here it says Work from any of our approved States but You just have to bring your own Equipment say so they don't provide Equipment however this might not be a Bad company guys to start with get the Experience get the knowledge gain the Skills and things like that and then you Guys can either grow with the company I Would say that first try to grow with The company maybe become like a QA or a Supervisor or a manager if not then you Can take those skills and go on and move On to bigger and better companies so it Says that you will resolve any customer Issues by providing an exceptional Customer experience to join our team you Only need a high school diploma or GED This is required ability to Type 25 Words per minute if you cannot type 25 Words per minute be sure to go over to Typingtest.com and practice practice Makes perfect and I'm sure in no time You will be able to get 25 words per Minute not sure though guys if there is

A typing test requirement because it Might not be also basic computer Navigation skills an exceptional Communication skills positive attitude Strong work ethic and ability to thrive In a dynamic environment any customer Service experience is a plus must be Willing to work 40 hours to work virtual In your home you will need the following Which of course it is a PC laptop Running Windows 10 operating system this Company guys they do not accept the Mac Chromebook tablet or smartphone High-speed internet and it does State Here minimum of download speed of 10 Mbps and a minimum upload speed of 6 Mbps ability to connect directly to the Internet service provider Modem with an Ethernet cable Wi-Fi is not acceptable To Dedicated computer monitors minimum 13 inches or larger a VoIP or a VoIP USB Headset with microphone and a webcam and The webcam is only for training so guys You don't need experience to apply for This job again results CX this is a Quick hire no experience so for those of You that are still looking for a work From home job try this company give this Company a chance so results CX is Looking to feel their customer service Rep work from home position no Experience guys for this one and it is a Quick hire I will be sure to leave a Link right below the video in the

Description box so you guys can check Out this company make sure you do some Research just in case you get an Interview they might ask what do you Know about results CX and you guys want To be prepared and not surprised so make Sure you go into Google it takes one to Two minutes to type in the company's Name jot down some information about the Company save it just in case you guys Get an interview be sure to share my Video put it on Facebook put it in some Of those Facebook groups somebody out There guys I can guarantee you is Looking for a legit work from home job I See the scams on social media all day Every day so make sure you guys put this Video on Tick Tock Instagram share it With a friend put it in a Facebook group And then come back and leave us a Comment because guys you are a blessing It is a blessing to be a blessing to Other people and since we are blessing You guys then you guys need to turn Around and do the same and I trust that You will and thank you so much to the Ones that have been sharing our content We greatly greatly greatly appreciate Each and every single one of you make Sure you guys hop over to Facebook and Join kiss that cubicle goodbye follow us Guys on our Facebook two chicks with the Side hustle business page we have a lot Of giveaways going on one in the group

One on the Facebook business page also This platform YouTube and Instagram two Chicks with the side hustle now On Instagram we're trying to get to 10 000 followers and we are so close so Make sure you guys hop over to Instagram Follow us and start sharing whatever you See over there or tag a friend tell a Friend create a story put us in the Story tag us to the story guys we would Love to see you guys in stories somebody Made a video in the group about us Yesterday and I got a chance to see that So that was great thank you to the Person that made that video if you are Watching this video thank you thank you Thank you it is not too late guys to get In on these free free free giveaways so Make sure you do that and make sure you Leave us a comment somewhere so that we Can put your name on this giveaway list My name is Carol and I will catch you Wonderful lovely amazing people in the Next video bye Foreign

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