PINTEREST Hiring $131,000 To $196,000 Year With NO DEGREE Work From Home Executive Admin Assistant

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Welcome back my friends this is Lindsay Back with another high paying work from Home job lead for you I've said it time And time again that you can build Yourself up through experience to get Very high paying jobs without any College degree and that is what we have Today if you have great organizational Skills and don't mind doing the Administrative work of others and being Their assistant and go-to person Managing their meetings and calendars Then this might be the way to go for you Executive assistance is one of the Highest of paying work from home jobs That almost never requires a college Degree and today we have social media Giant Pinterest hiring executive Assistant for their engineering team now This is remote for my United States Folks only but they are looking for Somebody to be an executive assistant Business partner to support multiple Engineer leaders they're looking for Somebody to do complex calendar Management updating meeting cadences to Reflect business priorities aligning With the executives on schedules Proactively is scheduling large meetings Working with external and internal Stakeholders regularly you'll support The execution in preparation of Team Meetings preparation of meeting content Capture action items and circulate

Meeting notes so you'll be sitting in The meetings taking notes and then You'll draft that up and send all the Meeting minutes out afterwards you'll Support the executives in preparation For events including researching event Location Logistics management and Preparing event content you'll also help The team by coordinating a team morale Activities you'll manage the budget Vendor vetting and all event Coordination for those team morale Activities you'll also manage scheduling Meetings with external partners for the The executives you'll manage any Reconciliation of the expenses for the Executive so if they acquire expenses For travel you'll manage all of those Receipts you'll assist them with setting Up their travel scheduling flights all Of those things just anything they need Administratively done to so they can Bounce from meeting the meeting without Having to stop in between those meetings To do these little tasks now Pinterest Wants somebody with six years of Experience ideally they want someone who Has experienced supporting a vice President or director level executive Previously someone who is proficient in Google Suite slack workday Microsoft Office you know how to use the software Programs of course you have to have Great writing and communication skills

Great organizational skills and be a Multi-tasker with great attention to Detail now if that is you starting pay Is anywhere from 131 300 a year all the Way up to a hundred and 96 900 a year a Course pay is always going to be Dependent not only on location but also The experience you bring to the table All right if you've made it to the end Of this video I want to say thank you so So much for watching and supporting me Please do leave down in the comments Below anything specific that you're Looking for also leave down if you have Any suggestions of how I can make this a Channel better anything I could improve On or do differently on and I'll be back Really really soon with more work from Home job leads just for you

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